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Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House is a symbol of Sydney and even Australia. This magnificent building facing the sea, which looks like three groups of huge shells, is a must for tourists to Sydney. It can be said that no one in the world does not know the monarch. 
Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Sydney Botanical Garden, facing Sydney Harbour, is the best place to view the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, where many posters and postcards about Sydney are set 
Darling Harbour
The romantic port is a symbol of Sydney's prosperity, Sydney's most colourful tourist and shopping centre, and the highest standard of night life in Sydney. 
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Located in Sydney port, connecting the north and south sides of Sydney port, it is one of Sydney's most famous landmark buildings and tourist attractions 
Bondi Beach
One of Australia's most famous beaches, 1.5 km in length, with soft sands and emerald waters, bustling, powerful, wild, and glamorous are the dominant tones of Bondi Beach. 
Great Ocean Road
One of the world's best self-driving routes, nearly 250 kilometers from Fukuyama, winds its iconic route through picturesque pristine beaches, picturesque towns, magnificent mountains and rainforests 
Phillip Island
A resort known for its fairy penguin, to see the little penguin's shaking nest is one of the signs of Melbourne's travel. 
Collins Street
Corinth Street is often considered Australia's first Street with the best Victorian architecture and the most famous luxury shopping mall in Australia, where history and modernity blend. 
Queen Victoria Market
More than 100 years old, the largest open-air market in the southern hemisphere, and one of Melbourne's most famous attractions, covers an area of 7 hectares and has more than 600 stalls 
Crown Melbourne
One of the largest casino in the southern hemisphere is a collection of luxury hotels, local cuisine, hot springs, brand shopping equal to one; every night, the fire pole outside the casino will be a fire-spraying performance at the whole point, bustling 
Moreton Island
The world's third largest sand island, intelligent dolphins, giant whales, and many other species of marine life, live happily in this beautiful paradise 
Brisbane South Bank Parkland
Brisbane's urban green lung, built along the river at the site of the World Expo 1988, is considered Australia's best city park 
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Founded in 1927, she is one of Australia's best zoos. She has also come here to hold cute koalas 
The University of Queensland
As a member of Australia's "Big Eight ", the University of Queensland not only has academic achievements, but also has Australia's most beautiful campus 
The Wheel Of Brisbane
Brisbane Wheel is a 60 meter high Ferris Wheel, Brisbane is a landmark building. Take the Brisbane Round and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city 360 degrees above the Brisbane Rive 
Gold Coast
As one of Australia's most famous and large theme parks, Dreamworld has exciting rides, natural pristine wildlife parks and various performances by Australian natives 
Paradise Country
Located on a vast hill, covering an area of about 12 hectares, the traditional Australian rural culture of the Gold Coast is a great place for families to travel and experience the local and Australian farm style 
Sea World
Ocean World has won Australia's most popular resort award four times in a row, offering visitors a fresh experience of watching marine animals, amazing performances program exciting rides 
Surfers Paradise
Surfer Paradise is located at the heart of the Gold Coast, with all kinds of upscale hotels and shops and the most surfable beach in Australia 
Warner Bros. Movie World
Film world is famous for its unique design style, attractive entertainment items, rich performance program, the layout of every scene in the garden and the design of every building, will give you a sense of deja vu. 
Kangaroo Island
Known as the "first island in the Asia-Pacific region", it is a pure land far from the noise. There are a large number of kangaroos, seals, koalas and other rare wild animals on the island, and the ecological protection is very good. 
Adelaide Central Market
The central market is "the heart of Adelaide" and one of Adelaide's landmarks. This 100-year-old market is the essence of Adelaide's business and one of Adelaide's most important cultural heritage. 
Barossa Valley
South Australia's most important wine producing area, in addition to wineries large and small, there are picturesque scenery and hot air balloons. 
North Terrace
North Street, a collection of museums, art galleries, libraries and the University of Adelaide, is a gathering place for Adelaide culture and art 
Glenelg Beach
The Greer Beach is the best beach in Adelaide, with the sun, white sand, beaudy and sunbathing, and the streets of the busy streets can be noisy until midnight