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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Introduction of Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road highway along Victoria's southern coastline, west of Melbourne, winds nearly 250 kilometers from Torkan (Torquay) to Van der Boer (Warrnambool), an iconic route that winds through picturesque pristine beaches, picturesque towns, magnificent range and rainforests. The western plain of the Melbourne, which was originally a volcanic area, was now a vast wasteland Great Ocean Road leaving only a few striking volcanic cones, lakes formed by magma blocking waterways, and lake crater, scattered over the plain. The eastern section of the Great Ocean Road is winding the Otway range. The south-west wind blowing from the south ocean (Southern Ocean), with its rich moisture, was blocked by the ottwe range, lowered the terrain rain, and formed a rather wet and cool climate, giving birth to dense and towering woods, as well as the good fields cultivated by farmers.

If you start from the Melbourne, it takes about four hours to get to the finish line; if you take the inland highway, you can save more than an hour, but you'll miss a lot of scenery that can only be seen on the coast. The route from Melbourne to Arrensford (Allansford) passes through a number of large towns and small towns, including: Gillan (Geelong), Tolkan (Torquay), Angelisi (Anglesea), Ron (Lorne), Apollo Bay (Apollo Bay) and Campbell Port (Port Campbell).


  • Suitable time for self-driving: October-May of the following year. The weather is important. To check the weather forecast, the blue sky, white clouds, blue sea when driving is the most beautiful. China's gold peak in october australia is spring, the coast driving wind can take charge clothes, morning and evening temperature difference had better bring a cotton coat to protect against the cold.


Take V/Line long train from the Southern Cross train Station (Southern Cross Station) in the city of Melbourne to Girang (Geelong), and then transfer to the long-distance bus to Apollo Bay (Apollo Bay).

To drive (which is also the way most tourists choose), the classic Great Ocean Road self-driving route compiled by worry-free australia ( is:

  • 短线(1-3天): Melbourne出发,经过吉朗(Geelong)、托尔坎(Torquay)、安吉西(Anglesea)、洛恩(Lorne)、阿波罗贝(Apollo Bay)、坎贝尔港(Port Campbell),以十二门徒(Twelve Apostles)、洛克阿德峡谷(Loch Ard Gorge)和伦敦拱门(London Bridge)为终点,可以原路返回,也可以走内陆经小镇考拉克(Colac)返回,全程一共约550公里,路过的每个小镇都可以住宿,记得提前预定,根据自己的时间合理安排每天的落脚点;
  • Mid-long Line (4-5 days): If time is sufficient, you can also continue along the Great Ocean Road west after the Campbell Harbor and London Arch Bridge, after passing through Wanampur (Warrnambool) and then arrive at Fairy Harbor (Port Fairy) before re-entering;
  • Don't turn back for long term (6-8 days): do n' t turn back after arriving at fairy port, continue to reach the capital city of south australia after about 600 kilometers west Adelaide, if it is self-driving car, you can return the car directly in adelaide after play.

Moreover, on the starting route, from Melbourne to Girang, in addition to direct driving, there is also a route through the Monington Peninsula (Mornington Peninsula) along the M11 Highway, south to Solento (Sorrento), the southernmost tip of the peninsula, on the Ocean Road Ferry (Searoad Ferry), ferried with people to the small town of Quincliffe (Queenscliff) on the Belingla Peninsula (Bellarine Peninsula), and then drove to Girang to start the abundant journey behind. Although the ferry takes only about 40 minutes to arrive, the beautiful scenery of Philip Harbour (Port Phillp Bay), already in the boat leisurely blowing the sea breeze drinking coffee feeling, will certainly make you feel that this time is very worthwhile.


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Australia - Victoria
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