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Shell Beach

Shell Beach, Via Shark Bay Road, Denham WA 6537, Australia

Introduction of Shell Beach

Shell Beach is a beach in (Shark Bay) Bay, World Heritage Shark Bay, Western Australia, about 780km from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, and 45km from (Denham), the main town of Shark Bay.

Shell Beach is a strange place in Shark Bay. It is not sand that makes up the beach, but small white sea shellfish, which are 60 kilometers long and 10 meters wide on average. Billions of shells are formed, which is known as the most luxurious beach in the world. The reason why there are a large number of shells is that shellfish have no natural enemies, can reproduce in large quantities, and form this snow-white beach after more than 4000 years of accumulation. Looking from afar at the coast of Australia is like being covered with white snowflakes, making it one of Australia's whitest beaches.

Shell Beach has accumulated shells of 7 to 10 meters high and has formed shellfish limestone. In the past, local residents used to build house from seashells on the beach, but have now been strictly banned. Shell Beach has been listed as a World Heritage site as part of Shark Bay to better protect this magical white.


  • Ordinary second-drive cars do not enter the beach, it is easy to fall into the beach can not drive out.
Australia - Western Australia
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