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SS Yongala Dive Site

SS Yongala Dive Site, Coral Sea, Townsville QLD 4810

Introduction of SS Yongala Dive Site

SS Yongala Dive Site is located on the sea of (Coral Sea) in the Coral Sea east of Townsville, Queensland's fourth largest city on the northeast coast of Queensland, about 82 kilometers from Townsville, one of the world's most recognized sunken diving sites, and divers must have heard of its name.

At noon on March 23, 1911, the Yangua departed from McGee (Mackay), north of Queensland, with a total of 49 passengers and 73 crew members on board the Townsville,. Five hours later, lighthouse guards on (Dent Island), Dante Island, watched the Yangra sail into the tornado, the last time it was seen. However, the Yangua's delay in arriving at its destination, Townsville, did not draw any attention until three other ships late for escape from the storm finally arrived, and it was not until March 26 that the Yangua was officially reported missing.

One of the worst shipwrecks in Australia's history, 122 passengers were all missing, and a seven-day search did not even find the wreckage of the ship. The Yangra lay on the bottom of the sea for nearly 50 years and was not discovered until 1958.

The Yanghera is 110 m long and lies on its side on the sand about 28 m deep. Unlike the (Chuuk Lagoon) shipwrecks on Chuck Island, which has many human remains, Yangera is attractive just as a sunken ship that has sunk for more than 100 years and is well preserved. Even cooler, there are a lot of large marine creatures around Yangera, including sea snakes, sea turtles, jacks, giant stone spots, hawk rays, sharks, and so on. In some cold seasons, humpback whales, their coral-covered hulls, and so on, may also be seen. The depth of the fall and the abundance of marine life around it provide an exciting adventure for divers.


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Australia - Queensland
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