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Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park

Loc: Australia - Western Australia
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Addr: Kalbarri National Park WA 6536, Australia
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Introduction of Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park, on the western coast of Western Australia, is about 560km south of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, covering an area of about 1830 sq km.

Kalbarri National Park, known for its majestic canyons and colorful wildflowers everywhere, is dominated by the Caster landscape, a weathered red sandstone that is divided into two main sections, one around the Murchison River valley and the other over the stunning eight-kilometer stretch of coastline.

In Kalbarri National Park, visitors can walk through the jungle, hike through canyons or canoes, as if they were back 400 million years ago, when the ancient ocean's tidal flat formed a gorgeous red sandstone, and the majestic Mocheson River poured into the ocean, scouring a deep path along the way; and if you need to get the same experience in a more relaxed way, you can also drive to the main attractions and viewing platforms in the National Park, including the famous Natural Window (Nature #39; Windows #39; Z-Bend), the Bend (Z-Bend), the Red Cliff (RedBuff), the Grey's Groose Field (Ross Lenham), the Eagle Head (Hook) and others.

Kalbarri National Park is well-preserved and rich in wildlife, with a variety of birds, and although most of the local mammals are nocturnal, wild kangaroos and emus can still be seen during the day.

Kalbarri National Park's main hubs and visitor centres are in the small town of Kalbarri, at the mouth of the Mochisen River on the west coast, a fledgling town founded in 1951 with tourism vacations as the main industry, with a current resident population of about 1,500.

Admission to Kalbarri National Park requires the purchase of tickets (prices as of early 2020):

  • Below 12 cars: A $15/car
  • Cars over 12: A $7/person (over 6 years old)
  • Tickets are valid for one day and can be re-entered and re-entered, with the exception of Yanchep National Park and Nambung National Park, which enter the vast majority of other Western Australian national parks on the day of purchase without re-payment
  • Free walk or car access to National Park

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