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Penguin Parade

1019 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands VIC 3922, Australia

Introduction of Penguin Parade

Philip Island (Phillip Island) is about 140km from downtown Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. The island is best known for these lovely wild penguins, so Philip Island is also known as Penguin Island.

Philip Island is the largest wild penguin conservation base in the world. More than 30, 000 small blue penguins unique to Australia and New Zealand inhabit the island. A tourist area has been set up on the island to allow tourists to observe the homing of small blue penguins at night, attracting more than 500000 tourists to watch these lovely little guys every year, which can bring visitors an unprecedented unique experience.

The penguins on Philip Island are small blue penguins, and the scientific name Eudyptula minor, is the smallest penguin in the world. Unlike other common penguins, they have blue feathers. Small blue penguins grow only in Australia and New Zealand, usually only at night, docile and timid, like to nest in sand dunes along the coast, go out at night, go to sea during the day to look for food, and wait until it is dark. For thousands of years, these lovely little guys have returned to their homes on a fixed route. For fear that the lights will scare these timid guys, Philip Island's beach will be controlled at night, with only a few small light bulbs in the tourist area for more than a thousand meters of sea stalls.

Note: civilized travel, do not touch penguins, do not take pictures and cameras; in addition, Australia's morning and evening temperature difference is very large, the evening is usually very cold, especially in autumn and winter, pay attention to take one more dress to prevent colds or be affected by the temperature.

The approximate time when penguins return home

Ticket price:

  • Ordinary stand (General Viewing, accommodates up to 3500 people): adults: 26.6 Australian dollars, children (4 15 years old): 13.2 Australian dollars
  • Preferred stand (Penguins Plus, accommodates up to 300 people): adults: 55 Australian dollars, children (4 15 years old): 27.5 Australian dollars
  • Underground stand (Underground Viewing, accommodates up to 70 people): 70 Australian dollars, children (4 15 years old): 35 Australian dollars
  • Group tour of (Guided Ranger Tour): adults (over 12 years of age): $85

Introduction to the stand:

Stand distribution map

The ordinary stands are located on the beach and are the largest and most located stands. You can come to the beach early to see the sea and beach, and watch the penguins land and return to their nests at dusk.

The preferred stand is closer to the main channel of penguin homing than the ordinary stand, and is the best place to watch penguin homing.

The newly launched underground stands allow you to view penguins flat and view penguin homing at close range.

Australia - Victoria - Melbourne
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