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Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park

Loc: Australia - Queensland
Rating: 9.0 / 10
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Addr: Springbrook Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia
Tel: 13 74 68
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Fee: Free
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Introduction of Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park位于昆士兰州东南部山区,接近新南威尔士州边境,特维德盾状火山的遗迹上,往北距昆士兰州首府布里斯班(Brisbane)约105公里车程,往东北距昆士兰州第二大城市黄金海岸(Gold Coast)约37公里车程,占地约61.97平方公里,属于联合国教科文组织评选的世界自然遗产:澳大利亚冈瓦纳雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)的一部分。

Springbrook National Park内共分三大区域,分别是春溪高原(Springbrook Plateau)、自然桥(Natural Bridge)区与库构山(The Cougals)区,其中以春溪高原的景观最为辽阔,公园南方的峭壁地质特殊,也是雷明顿国家公园(Lamington National Park)的一部份,属于澳洲火山地形北缘的一部份,非常陡峭,所以雷明顿国家公园萤火虫洞指的就是Springbrook National Park萤火虫洞。

Springbrook National Park is best known as the natural bridge area with "Blu-ray insects", which is known as a natural bridge because of the erosion of water into a natural cave, similar in shape to a bridge. Watching fireflies at night is the main activity of the natural bridge. Unlike the glow-emitting fireflies in our usual sense, the fireflies are blue-glowing larvae designed to lure small flies, and the more Russian blue their bellies get. Fireflies live only in parts of Australia and New Zealand.

May to October is the best year-round visit to Springbrook National Park. It has creeping plants, palm trees, eucalyptus, canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, and some pretty nice hiking trails.

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