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Darling Harbour

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Introduction of Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour, also a lover's port, is one of the most famous landmarks in the north-west of Sydney, the capital of New South Wales,2 kilometers from the Central Station of the Sydney Central Station and connected to Sydney Chinatown.

Darling Harbour was named after the Seventh Governor of New South Wales, (Ralph Daring). Darling Harbour, not only as one of Sydney's most colourful tourist and shopping centers, but also as a venue for major conferences and celebrations.

Darling Harbour consists of a port terminal, green water and a variety of buildings, including the Olympic Games exhibition center, the Sydney recreation center (Sydney Entertainment Centre), Sydney Aquarium (Sydney Sea Life Aquarium), National Marine Museum (National Maritime Museum), Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center (Exhibition Centre), dynamic Museum (Powerhouse Museum), IMAX Super screen Cinema, Yichang (Chinese Garden of Friendship), Art Market, Shopping Center, Amusement ground, Cafe, Bar, Hotel, etc.

Darling Harbour is a prosperous representative of Sydney and represents the highest standard of Sydney's nightlife. In Darling Harbour, visitors can choose to play all night at the bar ballroom, or sit quietly on the wooden steps by the bay, and let the gentle sea breeze blow their faces and thoughts.


  • Travel westward from City Hall (Town Hall) to Market St for about 5 minutes to the east coast of Love Harbor. Or walk north from Chinatown along Dexin Street (Dixon) for about 10 minutes through the exterior wall of China Friendship Park to enter the South Embankment of Love Harbor.

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