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Christmas Island

6798, Christmas Island

Introduction of Christmas Island

Christmas Island is one of Australia's overseas territories, located in the Indian Ocean north-west of Australia mainland near Jawwa Island, which was a territory of Singapore before 1958. It is one of the few Chinese-dominated regions in the world except China. It covers an area of 135 square kilometers and has a permanent population of about 2000 people, of whom 63% are Chinese ,25% are Malay ,12% are European, the official language is English, and Cantonese is spoken among Chinese.

Christmas Island is the undersea volcanic island, the highest peak on the island is Mount Moray (Murray Hill),361 meters above sea level, located in the west of the island, steep along the coast, dense forest. Feiyu Bay (Flying Fish Cove) in the northeast is the main residential area and main port. Christmas Island is rich in apatite ore, co-exploited by companies in australia and new zealand.

To date, there are Chinese associations such as the "Chinese residence" and the "Banshan residence" on the island, as well as Chinese temples and ancestral halls. Residents can speak Cantonese, Fujian, receive Chinese satellite television program, young people are still learning Mandarin, and Chinese mainland send Chinese teachers to middle schools in Christmas Island regions every year.

Christmas Island nearest city to the Australian mainland is the capital of Western Australia Perth, with a straight line distance of more than 2600 kilometers. There is an international airport on the island with a direct route from Perth.

Christmas Island beautiful environment, rich tourism resources, about 70% of the island is listed as Christmas Island national park (Christmas Island National Park) protection, the island is full of Asian customs, with unique animal and plant resources, can see the world's only visible red crab migration, every year in January to November, more than 100 million adult red crab climb to the sea, like a red carpet spread on the island, spectacular.

In addition to crabs, the island also provides living space for some other endangered plants and animals, where about thirty rare plants grow and are not found anywhere else in the world. Christmas Island coastline has a lot of reefs, spray skyward, surrounded by a silver-white beach, all composed of nearby shoreline coral fragments, during the day, they will shine under the sunlight, when the tide, these corals reveal their sharp corners, crystal incomparable.

Christmas Island restaurant is very limited, there are two Chinese restaurants and two Western restaurants, to the Christmas Island must not have a taste of the local unique drink - Amoy. Amoy is a fermented coconut juice, sweet with a bit of wine, drink both thirst and refreshing, but drink too much will be intoxicating.

Christmas Island are administratively administered by the State of Western Australia, about 1,000 kilometres straight from Australia's Cocos Islands (also known as the Killing Islands Keeling Islands), another overseas territory in the Indian Ocean.


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