Skilled migrant career list adjustment, excluding hairdresser massage division, need more blockchain manager and nurse

[Immigration News]     28 Dec 2019
The list of skilled immigrants in Australia is no longer required for immigration development and massage physicians in consultation with employers, but more blockchain managers and nurse.

Employment minister Case is responsible for consulting with employers to adjust the list of skilled migrants`occupations

Australia no longer needs migrant hairdressers and massage physiotherapist, but needs more blockchain managers and nurse.

In march 2020, australia`s list of skilled immigrants will undergo a new round of major changes, which will support employers`guarantee, state and territory government nominations and scoring for permanent and temporary skilled immigration visas such as 457 temporary skilled migrants.

Hairdressers, career counselors, gymnasts, mechanics and diving trainers will be removed from the list of skilled immigrants, while nurse and carers, as well as corporate treasurers, will be added to the list.

Michaelia Cash, Australia`s employment minister, said government was in extensive consultation with various sectors from September until the end of February next year, adjusting the list of skilled migrants`occupations to ensure that the new list of skilled migrants`occupations meets the needs of employers.

"This re-evaluation will ensure that the list of skilled migrants`occupations keeps pace with the times and will ultimately help the development of economics in the township and promote the growth of the township community," Kath senator said. "

As there are signs that australian construction activities and residential investment have plummeted, such as cabinet craftsmen, wall and floor tile craftsmen, glass craftsmen, paint craftsmen, locksmiths, have been moved from the medium-term continuing demand career list to the short-term demand career list, which affects the validity of visas for temporary technical workers mentioned above.

One of the biggest changes, however, has been an increase in the visa period for information and communications managers, such as block chain experts, from 2 to 4 years.

A blockchain manager is defined as being able to lead a team and implement blockchain patterns or solutions.

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