New Zealand announces quarantine point for Wuhan returnees: sea view room, family

2019-nCoV Special
[International News]     04 Feb 2020
New zealanders returning from charter flights have identified and announced new zealanders still stranded in wuhan, hubei province, who will soon be able to take them back to new zealand. The quarantine has also been declared. A charter flight from Auckland on Sunday and a late arrival in Hong Kong on Sunday is scheduled to arrive in Wuhan on Monday New Zealand time.

The quarantine of New Zealanders returning from charter flights has been established and announced New Zealanders still trapped in Wuhan, Hubei province, will soon be able to take them back to New Zealand for quarantine.

The quarantine has also been declared.

A charter flight from Auckland on Sunday and a late arrival in Hong Kong on Sunday is scheduled to arrive in Wuhan on Monday New Zealand time.

New Zealanders who want to return by charter plane must register by noon Monday New Zealand time at the latest.

The basic cost of charter flights is NT $500 per person. Please refer to the website:

Can permanent residents of New Zealand with a Chinese passport return on New Zealand charter flights? The answer is not necessarily.

The official explanation for the government web page is:" Those travelling on a Chinese passport will not be permitted to travel unless they are New Zealand permanent residents accompanying immediate family such as a parent / child or spouse who is travelling on a New Zealand passport.& quot;

A new zealand passport must be held by a spouse, child or parent and I am a chinese passport holder for permanent residents of new zealand to meet the requirements for charter flights.

Authoritaries said sunday that the flight arrangements are still being communicated with china. The charter flights will take off from Hong Kong only after the details of the epidemic prevention and preparations for take-off and landing in Wuhan have been determined.

New Zealand Airlines charter flights with New Zealand Health Department officials, air passenger registration via the New Zealand Airlines, are voluntary to fly this special mission. They all require masks and gloves. Unit plus health officials a total of 20 people.

Picture as schematic, non-real

Before boarding, Wuhan returnees will undergo health screening and remain in China if they show symptoms of coronavirus infection. "Only those who don`t have symptoms can board the plane. "

New zealand health minister david clark confirmed on february 2nd that the charter plane would carry some of the australians, pacific islanders, who were stranded in wuhan.

"We are ready to take the New Zealanders home. "he said.

Health minister David Clark says charter flights are available for up to 300 people. Sixty-seven New Zealanders are now registered and are willing to return to New Zealand by charter.

Passengers from other countries on charter flights included a number of stranded personnel from Tonga, Samoa and Australia.

A "deep cleaning" will be carried out upon the return of the charter aircraft and air filter supplies will be replaced.

Isolation arrangements after returning to New Zealand

When charter flights are returned from Wuhan to New Zealand, New Zealanders, Tongans and Samoans will be segregated in the Auckland area.

A naval camp on the Whangaparooa Peninsula in North Auckland is currently being selected.

At the end of the Whangaraoa Peninsula, there are two separate blocks, the red and yellow ranges shown below:

The yellow range is Shakespear Regional Park (Shakespeare Regional Park).

It`s a popular spot for Chinese barbecues and pickups because some peacocks are commonly known as Peacock Island.

In the red area above, the new zealand navy`s military facilities are closed to the public.

The property belongs to the New Zealand Navy, but is open to all New Zealand military services and to New Zealand police training.

Google`s satellite map shows the military barracks, the isolation room should be these:

Satellite maps show the best match for this photo. The barracks are on top of the mountain, overlooking the invincible sea view.

Inside the barracks photo:

The Whangaraoa naval camp, known as the RNZN Whangaparaoa Training Facility,, was built during the Second World War and transformed into a modern military barracks.

The equipment was relatively new from 2008 until the end of 2009.

This photo shows the installation of modern natural water storage devices.

Wuhan returnees will be living in isolation for 14 days. Health minister David Clark said the location was determined because it was fully equipped, had enough beds, and was safe and segregated. More crucially, the barracks are equipped with medical stations and adequate medical equipment.

"The training camp has been chosen because of its size and facilities, as well as its location and secure nature. It also has its own medical facilities,"

"Returned personnel will receive daily medical tests during the isolation period. The isolates of the same family can be arranged together, but will still be isolated from each other with other segregated objects. "

Ms minister says it allows quarantiners to live as normal a life as possible, children to be educated, and leisure activities.

Someone may have found out, why didn`t the Australian return with the same plane?

According to health minister, australia`s citizen and residents will arrange separate quarantines back to australia, with aircraft and in-flight vaccinations arranged by australia`s government, and new zealand is consulting with australia.

"Government is doing everything it can to help New Zealanders in the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak center return to their homes as soon as possible." "Health minister concluded.

Yesterday, new zealand government announced restrictions on entry for travelers from china. Entry restrictions will take effect from Monday, tentatively for 14 days, assessed every 48 hours.

Small view near the separation point:

Just to say, the New Zealander`s method of isolation is the same as New Zealand

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