Erxiang: Fangfang diary editor's hand, the good battle has been finished, the crown of righteousness for her to retain

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[International News]     26 Mar 2020
"Erxiang's N dimensional space" avatar, N from six to eleven. Fang Fang is the recorder of this era, she moved thousands of people with her own words and feelings, but also connected thousands of people. She won the purest, loudest and clearest reputation for literature. A good battle has been fought, and the crown of righteousness is in her hands diary editors

"Erxiang`s N dimensional space" avatar, N from six to eleven.

Fang Fang is the recorder of this era, she moved thousands of people with her own words and feelings, but also connected thousands of people. She won the purest, loudest and clearest reputation for literature.

A good battle has been fought, and the crown of righteousness remains for her -- the hand of the diary edito

Text/II Xiang

Last May, when a teacher introduced me to Fang Fang, I had no idea that I would be the communicator of an important record of the Wuhan epidemic in 2020.

Teacher Fang and I are not so familiar friends, or, in other words, I can`t count as friends in her real sense, I` m just a fan of her. After social app connected, I expressed to her a fan sincere admiration, she and I chat a few words, said her daughter`s place of origin is also Hunan. There is no shelf at all, which is my first impression of Fang Fang. When I was a child, I saw her "scenery ", then saw" ten thousand arrows through the heart ", and saw her off the shelf of the long, are very fond of, especially that long, at that time was quite shocked to see.

At that time, my first novella ," White Pink ," was reprinted by four literary journals, such as "The Monthly Report of Chinese Novels in Beijing "," Selected Novels in Chinese" and "Selected Novels ", after the publication of" Hibiscus ". Later, when my novel Dark Chung was published, I sent her a copy. I didn`t think she actually read it, and social app me that "the novel is very good-looking, the sense of language is quite good, the rhythm is very well controlled ", which is really a great encouragement for a new literary novice.

Many of my friends are literary circles, after the beginning of the outbreak in Wuhan, some friends, such as "Yangtze River Literature and Art" teacher Zeng Chufeng and deep sea teacher, Zhang Yuanke teachers are in the square Weibo, I read a few articles, feel very good, asked Fang Fang Fang teacher can social app reprint, she said no problem, I turned a few, but soon were deleted. On the day of Dr. Li Wenliang`s death, Miss Fang suddenly social app me that her Weibo had been locked up for two weeks and asked if it could be sent on my social app public number. I did n` t think too much, so I replied to her that she could. As the previous article was deleted, I started a useless trumpet to start the square diary, the previous several deleted, one survived only an hour. diary the beginning is only tens of thousands of clicks, but soon click quickly increased, to now each article is 100,000 clicks, the number of clicks is very large, can be said to be a phenomenon. Speaking of, the seven-dimensional space started from scratch, without a fan, and then became a magnet, quickly sucked into a large number of people with square diary same frequency, many diary in an hour or two to reach a hundred thousand reading. Write the abefin interview that was deleted and hit 100,000 in 35 minutes.

Fang Fang diary the reason why spread so widely, I think there are several reasons. The first is the truth of the diary, Fang Fang diary is different from the voice of the main media, we can find from Fang Fang diary real records and care for the individual, those small people`s plight and pain, she recorded, with a writer`s unique compassion and feelings. Second, diary undoubtedly provide you with a catharsis, many articles diary I read with tears. And those families who have suffered misfortune in the epidemic and countless people trapped in the home, their pain needs an emotional outlet, they find comfort and empathy from the square diary, that is, a reader said the breathing valve. And the third is diary indirectly played a kind of public opinion supervision to do, do not do well, say out, can improve this mechanism, we retweet is feel that there is a need to pursue responsibility together, dig deep to the end together. Fourth, Fang Fang diary a microphone, which reached its climax in several articles, such as "Thanks to the Changjiang Daily" and "Chinese secondary disaster ".

Fang Fang`s diary, as she said, originally came inadvertently, at first did not have what purpose and structure, is a record. She didn`t expect so many people to see it at all, and even repeated that she was not used to it. diary also at first more private, relatively scattered, but gradually shaped, become solid. She also consciously collects some information from her doctor friends. This doctor friend is actually several people, and many are the backbone of the hospital, can be said to be very authoritative. Teacher Fang Fang has a theme in almost every article, focusing on non-crowned critical patients, orphans left over from the epidemic, Wuhan people stranded in the field, migrant workers rework, pay attention to vulnerable groups, pay attention to humanitarian spirit, criticize formalism, criticize media people, criticize delete posts, and so on. At the same time, Fang Fang diary is also a universal common sense education. Many things are common sense, but "the more common sense, the more can see wisdom ". Professor Ding Fan of Nanjing University is very apt to comment on Fang Fang`s diary ." Fang Fang diary is to use the enlightenment common sense to construct a text that is really close to life and human nature. "

As for the literary nature of Fang Fang`s diary, Mr. Fang said ," I never said that this record is a literary work, it is just a record. And what a writer writes doesn`t necessarily have to be literature. What if I write a debit note? "Fang Fang, of course, knows that disaster literature takes a little time to ruminate and some time to precipitate. She is in fact very confused. She can not even write her own novella. The only thing she can do is to record it. Perhaps the record was not "literary" enough, but she did not think so much at all, she did not care for her feathers, she chose to voice, not silence. She chose to speak honestly instead of saying a few words without itching. This is more of a conscience, an instinct, an instinct as a "square ". And this instinct has a trace to follow, Fang Fang is such a person, she has always been so bold to speak out.

Although she herself did not consider it a literary work, this record, similar to "Anne diary ", is genuine and compassionate, fresh and meticulous, its intellectual and profound, including its wide dissemination and recognition, its literary value will have its own critics, its literary status, time will give the best answer. Of course, none of this matters to Fang himself, as she said in an interview ," I don`t care what others think of me. I can just live my life. It`s none of my business to judge what they want. "I liked her interview, and it was crisp and witty. I was lucky to see some of her unpublished interviews, sharp, straight, really literary.

After Fang Fang diary spread widely, some people said that Fang Fang became a national hero and became the only voice. This is really unimaginable, all the time, the attitude of the other side diary is divided, the other side of the diary of the siege has never stopped, hate her people, scold her people, disdain her people, can not count.

Some people say that Fang Fang himself does not work hard, add chaos, did not see those who pay in the front line. Teacher fang paid many respects in the diary to health care workers, volunteers, police, sanitation workers and other people fighting on the front line. The critics apparently selectively ignored the positive side of her diary. She wrote so much good news. She also mentioned that she had lumbar disc herniation, there is no way to volunteer. See that paragraph explanation, the heart is a little sour, my mother is also this disease, when serious can only lie in bed, Fang Fang teacher every day, write diary late into the night, too difficult. And some people say that Fang Fang diary all negative energy, so people do not understand the meaning of a real writer. Fang Fang is concerned about the fate of small people, she is talking for those who can not voice, in the weak voice of the voice magnified. As she said :" There is a record of division of labor, and eating vegetables is also divided into big dishes and small dishes, sometimes like old hens, to protect those who have been abandoned by history, the life of the advancing society neglected. accompany them, warm them and inspire them. "(17 February).

Some people say that Fang Fang is making panic, On the contrary, Fang Fang has been encouraging in the diary, she shouted :" We must not panic or collapse. If we panic and collapse, all their efforts will be wasted. So, no amount of miserable video, no amount of fear rumors, do not panic, much less collapse. "(11 February). And some people say Fang Fang diary too one-sided. It was indeed her own record, and she was conscious of her limitations ," I am an individual writer and I have only a small perspective ". She called on all Wuhan people to record, and all the medical staff who assisted in Wuhan to record. "The voices of countless individuals can be assembled into the voices of this era. "

March 8, the network suddenly full of fire on the other side, all kinds of scolding, criticism, intimidation, report surging. After that, the attack on the other side became more and more intense. Backstage, I also saw more and more unsightly abuse. Fang Fang`s teacher`s Weibo, but also everywhere cross-flow, it is frightening. Fortunately, teacher Fang Fang has toughness, faith, especially strong, especially against abuse, especially can fight, Wuhan women`s hard, not soft. Yes, she is a soldier, the whole of China is probably only square, so tenacious and pliable to persist. Now the good battle is over, and from then on the crown of righteousness remains for all.

For the past nearly 50 days, every day almost to midnight, teacher Fang Fang will pass the diary to me, I will quickly edit the template that has been done in the first day, and then send out quickly. Sometimes, we will give Fang Fang some small comments, other words or the accuracy of this fact. Teacher Fang Fang sometimes listens and sometimes insists. In general, she is a very independent person, but also a very easy to get along with. At first I searched the photos of Fang Fang from the Internet. Later, Fang Fang sent some old photo to me. Teacher Fang and I have mentioned the reward, ready to donate the reward money, but when we know social app the reward money can not be used to donate, we decided not to praise, nor advertising, although the flow diary Fang Fang is amazing.

After the article is sent out, we will selectively release the message. Each message is especially many, many thousands, I am sorry to put only 100, we can only select. Almost every article we have put a different voice, the real rational opposition we will release, but most of the messages are in support of the side, the opposition is a few, and, most of the unsightly abuse, it is really not suitable to release, in proportion to the support of the voice. Besides, why leave the world to the people you despise? Comment section of the message more and more wonderful, many friends said to see in other places diary but also come here, because there are rational and wonderful comments.

Fang Fang is man, not God, and we are soberly aware that we are not building God (and we do not have that ability), but spreading different sounds. A message said that diary attitude to the party, you can see how much patriotic he, I do not agree with this view. diary attitude of the other side is just another demonstration of our divided society. And we can`t simply classify each other with the attitude of the other party`s diary. Even those who support the party`s diary have reservations diary certain statements. diary message area can see a lot of objective and calm thinking, including the attitude to privacy, including the attitude of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many do not agree with Fang Fang`s voice. In fact, our common people have judgment, not total acceptance. It`s normal to have different opinions, and it`s not normal to hear only one voice.

After the diary sent out, I have received the encouragement and support of some friends one after another, but also received a lot of kind reminders, of course, there are also people behind the back. In fact, I also look forward, afraid of this fear of that. The article was deleted (one day received three censored notice), seven-dimensional twice sealed, nine-dimensional original number of the main request to take back the public number, ten-dimensional can not leave a message, the article backstage can not send out, the message was sealed, one-time dimension and dimension reduction, but also let me back down, let me down. Once, the article was deleted an hour after it was sent out, and I felt a deep sense of powerlessness. The machine in front of me was so big, and I was just a little ant. After that article was deleted, teacher Fang Fang said, is that still sent? I said, keep sending. I`m a little twisted. The most profound memory is that "wrong" has been sent more than ten times did not send out. I had to send a notice ," I did my best ," and soon a reader left a message in the message area, one by one into a complete square diary. especially lucky is that every time before the dimension or dimension reduction, we have spare space to start, because we know the situation is dangerous, so we are prepared to jump the dimension in advance.

I didn`t know which of the good guys came up with an article about me, about a few years ago, but I did n` t even mention my latest long, dark surge. Because of this article, some people on the Internet who have never known each other have insulted and falsely accused me, and they have also fabricated some information to create the so-called conspiracy theory. In addition to feeling inexplicable, I also feel very uncomfortable about this. But what`s more, it`s being questioned and reprimanded by familiar people, and some of my old readers have fallen out diary, anger. I feel terrible, but I can only express regret. I am just an ordinary person, inadvertently entered, did not think so much at all, the purpose is not some people think so bad. Because in doing, just want to finish this thing, has the beginning and the end, is to the Fang Fang teacher trust account, is also to own account.

I also became more and more aware that I was doing something meaningful. Remember a reader`s message "write a message, but it wo n` t last 12 hours. "I reply to him" write, of course, from scratch is our common memory and engraved in the heart of the impression ". There is a saying that "courage is not fear, but can move forward in fear ", in this sense, I can barely count as a brave man. In fact, what I do is very ordinary things, but need to summon up the courage to do, have to say is the sorrow of this era.

I was a background editor at the beginning, and then there was a meeting to ask my friend meimei to help, she then helped to put the message, that is, everyone in the message common small editor. She is a very dutiful person, once the article can not be sent out, sent an informal version, she manually replied to nearly a thousand reader messages to tell the link to the article.

Hair side diary more than a month, hard work has, moved is endless. I appreciate the support of Time line teachers and friends, thank so many enthusiastic readers backstage messages to give me encouragement and support, thank you, especially the selfless dedication of the guitar wood shadow, rabbit and small seven, I have kept in mind. Also glad that good luck has been around, so that I can Fang Fengcheng diary out, although many have been deleted. The last teacher Fang`s title is "that beautiful battle I have already fought ", see the title, tears can not help falling down, Fang Fang teacher gave me too much thanks, but actually should I thank her, thank her for these records, thank her for giving me such a rugged and beautiful sending experience.

The epidemic is a magnifying glass. We see good and evil. For those who make up rumors and slander, those who impersonate N dimensional space with the same head image, description and similar name, and those who see the profit and forgetfulness, how to say, some people really have no bottom line. By the way ," Erxiang`s N dimension space ", is "dimension" is not "weft ", one more word, one less word is not, N from six to eleven, remember that the universe has only 11 dimensions, more than 11 are counterfeit goods.

Hair diary these days, a deep feeling is that no matter what you do, there will always be people questioned, the Qing people in the eyes of the Qing people can never be clear, they can always read from your words in their eyes dirty (including my handwriting), then, do well, their own conscience is good.

The second deep feeling is how difficult it is to think independently here, because the first step of independent thinking is to hear different voices, without the touch of information, how can it trigger thinking? What teacher Fang Fang is doing is to pass on this different voice and the necessity of thinking to the public.

Thirdly, I deeply feel that words are powerful and that literature is caring for people ." It is often associated with the laggards, the lonely and the marginal, and it cares for and inspires those who are left out by the advancing society. This time, Fang practiced her literary ideas in nonfiction. Fang Fang is the recorder of this era, is an outstanding recorder, she uses her own words and feelings to move thousands of people, but also connected to thousands of people. In the literature more and more minority today, Fang Fang has won the purest, the loudest and the clearest reputation for literature.

Just 60 days, Fang Fang diary has become a hot search word, and I also seem to hang with Fang Fang diary. I can`t understand the twists and turns of this and the will of fate, I am a fatalistic person, I know that I was only inadvertently picked up, as Fang Fang diary a backstage editor, a tiny footnote. The Fangfang diary has become a deep and thick epidemic, can not be ignored, and the N dimension of Erxiang space, is a small floor, bearing these days of our common sadness, moved and reflective. Years later, when we answer 2020, I will recall the record of jumping through and through space, and what kind of historical imprint this record will reflect, only the water of time running forward can make the most accurate answer.

Finally, I use the poem written by the writer Lin Bai to Fang Fang to end this handwritten note:

How good is Fang Wen / Lin Bai at the end of the article. Sixty articles have gone through a long distance from seven to eleven dimensions. From the flowers to the blood that opens the covered mouth on the ground of things dark light. The sea with all its strength, endless surge, you split the sea alone. The days of the city have opened to midnight 60 white, hard, and shadow I see your enduring patience: I have fought the good battle; I have run out of the way to run; I have kept the way I believe. And when you leave the coast, the sea was still roaring there. (20/03/25, Morning ,2nd draft)

Erxiang: graduated from peking university and university of texas at austin. He is the author of the novel "dark surge "," wild flow ", and the novel collection" return to 2046".

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