The latest poll: Morrison's popularity plummets! Union party lost to Labour for the first time! Even more infuriating for Chinese voters...

[Current News]     14 Jan 2020
Latest polls! Australian Prime Minister Stephen Morrison's popularity has plummeted! The data show that Mr. Morrison's personal approval rating is plummeting to a record low since he took office in August 2018 because of poor handling of the wildfires! On the other hand, Labour leader Arbanis, who has often been complained of a "lack of presence," has seen his support rise sharply

Latest polls!

Australian Prime Minister Stephen Morrison`s popularity has plummeted!

data display

Poor handling of the mountain fire crisis

Morrison`s personal approval rating is plummeting

Down to a record low since taking office in August 2018!

On the other hand

Often complained of "no sense of presence"

Labour leader Arbanis`approval rating rises sharply

For the first time since the election!

Become the prime minister`s first choice!

01 Labour laughs, Morrison cries

As the wildfires get worse

Voters`anger at Morrison is at its peak!

No way. Who left the country to go on vacation in Hawaii at the height of the fire?

Now, the public`s discontent is finally reflected in the data, giving the prime minister a blow.

According to an exclusive Newspoll poll in The Australian

Morrison, you can start crying!

Since the holiday in December,

Morrison`s personal approval rating fell eight points

Discontent with its performance rose by 11%

How bad is this number?

It`s 18 years since he took office

Personal minimum!

Even with his old foes

Former Labour leader Bill Shorten`s unpopularity is flat

Here`s Morrison:

But on the other hand, Labour laughed!

Since last year`s federal election,

In the two-party choice, Labour won its first vote over Union party!

And Labour`s current leader Arbanis`s approval rating has soared!

Become the most popular candidate for prime minister in Australia!

There has been a surge of popular support for Labour!

From 33% in the last poll to the latest 36%,

It`s a total reversal!

That leaves Union party losing to Labour for the first time since the general election

If the numbers aren`t intuitive enough,

Look at these angry Aussie...

A few days ago,

Massive parade outbreaks in Australia`s major capital cities

100,000 people palade raised the slogan, demanding Morrison step down!

5:30 p.m.,10 January

People from many cities in Australia

In response to the campaign launched on the FB

High slogan:

"Morrison stepped down! "

"You are more terrible than the fire! "

Outside Sydney`s town hall, the crowd of 15,000 parade is thick, blocking the streets!

Melbourne CBD 12,000 spontaneously gathered to scold Morrison for being truly rain or shine.

The parade`s crowd has several appeals: it wants to impeach the prime minister, urging government to introduce policies on environmental protection, disaster assistance and the welfare of firefighters and volunteers.

It`s not finished yet!

Morrison this time, can be said to be "fire out of the circle "...

Even on social media in China, ordinary Chinese Internet users are angry!

Not just in major Australian cities

How dissatisfied even overseas with this Australian Prime Minister!

There are also many people in Europe involved in the`Morrison`s ousted parade.

In London, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm... All over the world there`s big parade against Morrison!

One protester said that prime minister morrison was "the laughing stock of the world!" We were very angry at him. "

Face these angry cries

What did Morrison do?

Yeah, he apologized,

But he also pointed the finger at China!

02" China, take the pot "

In an interview with ABC on Sunday, Morrison spoke again about the holiday.

He accepted the criticism and apologized.

"In hindsight, if that had been known,

I wouldn`t have gone on that trip. "

"One of the biggest difficulties encountered in any job is balancing your work and family responsibilities. I promised my children and we did, as I explained when I got back, that I was ashamed of it. "

Morrison has even rarely admitted his dereliction of duty:

"I could have done better on the mountain fire. "


If you say a sincere apology can redeem a little popularity

What he said next,

But it`s really chilling for many Chinese voters

To get rid of the pot of climate policy,

Morrison directs the spearhead to China!

Faced with the host`s challenge

He said

Even closing every coal-fired power plant in Australia

It doesn`t have much effect on global warming

"Because China will never stop burning fossils"

"Global emissions are made up of different countries," Morrison said. "

"Even if the state`s coal-fired power plants are shut down, China`s total emissions will only take nine days to exceed. "

Under the prime minister`s words, Australia refuses to take the blame and leaves it to China.

He`s used it many times. But is that true?

Australia has the second-highest per capita carbon emissions in the world, after Saudi Arabia, according to one data.

China ranks only 12 in the rankings.

Earlier, Germanwatch, the authoritative body of the climate change index, found Australia was doing badly on a range of climate change measures!

Australia ranks sixth in 61 countries and regions in terms of integrated cross-warming gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use and policy national climate action.

Experts have questioned Mr Morrison`s climate policy, but Mr Morrison has rejected the authoritative index altogether.

Asked why, he said:

"I don`t think that`s credible. "

Labour party chieftain albanis also launched an attack on mr morrison`s stance on climate policy on the 12th, even mocking:

The ruling alliance doesn`t need to adjust climate policy,

Instead, a climate policy is needed.

03 Conclusion

In the face of criticism and a slump in the polls, mr morrison does not reflect on his own climate policy, but rather to china. In any case, such behaviour has disappointed a large number of voters, not least Chinese.

While Prime Minister Morrison has now also been busy coping with the mountain fires, the latest release of a $76 million mental health package, while announcing an increase in paid voluntary leave for federal civil servants fighting bushfires...

But it`s a step-by-step mistake, and the angry australians will always remember that the prime minister left the nation on holiday alone in the midst of an australian fire.

Hopefully, Mr. Morrison, do well!

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