Compare Australia Zhongshan fire net text brush screen, is fierce or ignorant?

[Social News]     14 Jan 2020
(" I didn't even know China was so strong 33 years ago without this fire in Australia ") A recent article comparing the situation in Australia's mountain fires to screen social apps has sparked a heated online debate. The article not only attacked Australia's inability to tackle the mountain fires that lasted for months, but also alluded to the more heroic and patriotic nature of Chinese firefight...
Compare Australia Zhongshan fire net text brush screen, is fierce or ignorant?

(" I didn`t even know China was so strong 33 years ago without this fire in Australia ")

Recently, an article comparing the situation in australia and china, screen social app, set off a fierce online debate. The article not only attacked Australia`s inability to tackle the mountain fires that lasted for months, but also alluded to the more heroic and patriotic nature of Chinese firefighters.

The social app tweeted out china`s biggest ever mountain fire, the 1987 fire in the daxingan Mountains, compared with the current situation in australia. As of the morning of January 12, the volume of reading had soared to more than 23 million.

At the same time, prominent chinese media commentators have voiced criticism of the callousness of the article, using nationalism to earn crazy, cheap hits.

"I didn`t know that China was so strong 33 years ago," the original article from Friday`s" Youth compound "public titled" Without the Australian fire, I didn`t know China was so strong ", alluded to the lazy and unpatriotic Australian firefighters on vacation.

"Yes, Australia has the best fire technology in the world," the author, who has signed" Yong Bo," said on the low-profile platform. "

"In Australia, everyone felt that the fire had nothing to do with itself. "

"For the so-called`human rights freedom`, Australia`s government takes a normal holiday with firefighters to celebrate Christmas on the premise that the fire is killing everything and burning scorched earth in its own country. "

Mr Young also shrugged off the Sydney New Year`s Eve fireworks show and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison`s trip to Hawaii for Christmas amid devastating forest fires.

The article claims:" the disaster area a howl, refugees in the shelter of the PUBG, hot. Sydney is a peaceful city, the citizens sing and dance to celebrate the arrival of 2020. One after another of the laughter is astounding: hundreds of miles away scarred land, and they do not belong to a country? `We`re going to bring hope through this 32 million-million-dollar celebration,` Sydney`s mayor said. But the feast of the wine pool gave me only a glimpse of the despair of the Australian people at the bottom. "

The article has since been aimed at Mr Morrison, saying in biased terms:" The actions of Australia`s prime minister, Mr Morrison, have left ordinary people completely cold. Last December, it was a sweltering summer in the southern hemisphere. Morrison took his family to Hawaii for a holiday when the fire was strongest and the people needed him most. When he was photographed by the media, he was full of energy and happy. It`s none of your business. It`s like living in a burning country 13000 kilometers away, not one`s own people. "

Differently," yongbo ah "praised the response of chinese firefighters in the great hingan mountain fire in 1987. The blaze is believed to have lasted less than a month.

In fact, the Daxing`anling fire as a "national disaster" has been engraved on the long history. The China Youth Daily reported that it was "a fire that displaced 50,000 people and buried 193 people in flames; a fire that burned over 1 million hectares of land and burned 850,000 cubic meters of timber; and a fire that sent more than 50,000 people around 25 days and nights ".

The China Youth Daily also conducted a breakthrough survey in the same year, concluding that the fire was mainly man-made.

The article wrote that neglect of duty, insensitivity not only in the fire before the fire, is there are no lack of such examples of fire relief. The driver of a small car in Daxing`anling district who participated in the fire fighting disaster told us such a story.

"We crossed the sea of fire and came to a ward, where the fire was all over the mountain, and it was almost over the line, but there was no one on the line. What about people? Sitting there drinking. Stop it, boss. I`m all mad.

"The deputy commander asked,`Why not fire? Who is the leader? `Guess what the four of you said:` What`s the matter with this knot? What are you doing? `

"As soon as I heard it was the deputy commander-in-chief or the provincial governorment leader, the four brothers became nervous and said they were ready to fight. Later, one of them showed us the way to another fire. It`s still in the local forest farm. Unable to do so, he turned and went back to where they were drinking. Look at the three of us. We`ve got to go, and we`re still sitting there drinking! "

China`s State Council has also launched a mechanism for tracing responsibility for the blaze after it was extinguished. On June 6,1987, then acting Prime Minister Wanli chaired the plenary meeting of the State Council. The meeting called the fire the largest and most severely damaged forest fire since the founding of new china, noting that the accident was mainly due to corporate mismanagement, lax discipline, rules and regulations, illegal operations and serious bureaucracy.

China still has systemic problems with fire services, such as a shortage of full-time firefighters across the country and the deaths of dozens of firefighters each year, according to the South China Morning Post. In a fire in xichuan Liangshan last april,30 firefighters were killed.

The former southern weekend professor of communication at the chinese university of hong kong responded with a social app article on sunday:" I didn`t even know china was so strong 33 years ago without the australian fire." The article, which disrespects history, reduces the lessons of the devastating Daxing`anling fire to the heroic story of firefighters "greatness, and distorts the evidence that a catastrophe that triggered the nation`s painful reflections has been`such awesome` as China did 33 years ago, an operation that is painfully ignorant of history. "

Fang added that the public name for the article was reviewed by social app last may for false reports.

Another Sina Weibo account with nearly a million fans," Raesling Raist," wrote:" Unexpectedly,33 years later, this catastrophic fire was dug up by the people of the post-90s from the media, and wrote a long article with thousands of words that said it was a great victory for`China to put out the forest fire`, named "Without the Australian fire, I didn`t know how powerful China was 33 years ago." "

In addition, Weibo users quoted Yang Lang, the editor in charge of the Daxing`an Mountains fire report at the time and deputy director of the China Youth Daily, as saying:" The understanding is very clear, the disaster is a disaster. To make disaster a triumph is a calamity above disaster. "(partially translated from South China Morning Post)

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