People who don't exist: what are the days of the nearly 100000 'black people' hiding in Australia?

[Immigration News]     28 Oct 2019
"We don`t want to spend the rest of our lives here. We`re just here to make money and help people in our hometown. So maybe most of us here will end up going back. Basically, we come to Australia to earn money to support our families."

"We don`t want to spend the rest of our lives here. We`re just here to make money and help people in our hometown. So maybe most of us here will end up going back. Basically, we come to Australia to earn money to support our families."

An illegal migrant worker in Australia said in an interview. This is a group of people who are almost equivalent to "non-existing people" in foreign countries, have no tax number, no driver`s license, can not even open a bank account, and need to face the situation of being expelled and repatriated at any time. In fact, these illegal workers are willing to take risks because they believe they can make enough money to go home.

However, some people take the risk of putting all their eggs in one basket, but they will never go home again.

Recently, the tragedy of 39 bodies found in death truck containers in Britain has once again drawn the issue of illegal immigration into the focus of attention of the international community and the public.

The body was found at the scene.

"in fact, it`s easy to go to Europe in recent years, and the economic in Europe is in the doldrums. I didn`t expect anyone to sneak out in such a stupid way."

Mr. Fang (pseudonym), who has been in the immigration business for nearly 20 years in Australia, says a question that many people may have in their minds.

Mr. Fang lamented that if, ten years ago, many illegal immigrants from China had indeed entered western developed countries such as Australia through illegal immigration, especially in Fujian and other places, the threshold for going abroad had already been much lower in recent years. Many people had entered the country with valid Australian visas such as student visas and tourist visas, and would have become "black people" only after they had expired.

He added that many workers on construction sites in Australia, for example, are "gangsters" who hold student visas or whose student visas have been cancelled.

How many black people are there in Australia?

What are they doing? And what kind of "no light" life?

Is it an opportunity to make a fortune or a trap? The truth after arriving in Australia

In fact, because of the difficulty of statistical scope and scale, accurate data on Australian triads are difficult to quantify.

According to estimates by the Australian Senate in May 2017, the visas of 64600 non-Australian residents have expired, of whom 2/3 have been stranded in Australia for more than two years; of them, 20, 000 may be in illegal employment. However, these figures have not yet taken into account the large number of people who have come to Australia through visitor visas, and a significant proportion of these people are also in the state of illegal employment;

According to a 2011 Stephen Howells review of the Immigration Amendment (employer sanctions) Act 2007, there are about 50, 000 to 100000 illegal migrant workers in Australia.

Marie Segrave (Sigraf, an assistant professor of criminology at Monash University, investigated the working and living conditions of this group based mainly on 46 Australian illegal migrant workers in Victoria. The survey found that many of these people who could not afford work visas or were unable to apply for visas were deceived by some eloquent overseas immigration agents.

In fact, in some advertisements to work in Australia and the propaganda between friends and neighbors in the countryside, the types of visas are often vague, but the conditions of treatment are very attractive and persuasive.

Xiao Tang (not his real name) said he listened to a 20-year-old friend who graduated from education junior high school. His aunt opened a labor company and sent those who wanted to work abroad to a factory in Melbourne, with a monthly salary of more than 20, 000 yuan. He did not need any English foundation. He worked in Chinatown, but had to pay tens of thousands of yuan before going. Moreover, company information can also be found on the Internet, and even ensure that if you go to Australia, everything will follow the "formal" law process.

However, visas similar to those claimed to have been processed through the "formal" law process are in fact the vast majority of tourist or student visas and do not have a working rights.

A retired teacher in his 50s said in an interview:

"they did a lot of advertising, and then when I first read the ad, to be honest, I really thought, `this is great.` it was a big chance to make a fortune. I thought,`Oh, this is my chance to go to Australia.`"

As a result, the middle-aged woman and her husband borrowed A $8500 to pay a visa agent to work in Australia, while her unretired husband stayed at home.

But it was not until she arrived in Australia that she realized that she was actually traveling to Australia on a tourist visa, which did not allow her to work.

A similar situation happened to another poor young man. He went to work in Australia with a tourist visa, but when his hopes for work fell through, he fell into poverty. In addition to his parents who died years ago, he had to bear the lives of his 18-year-old and 19-year-old sisters alone.

In addition to tourist visas, with the relaxation of admission conditions and student visas in Australia in recent years, student visas with long working hours have also become "illegal workers" minefields.

Mr. Fang pointed out that more and more applicants are "deceived" in China, so one-stop "packing" services have become popular in Guangdong, Fujian, Northeast and other places, that is, from visa application to successful pick-up, one-off payment of intermediary tuition fees, service fees and other fees ranging from 20 to 300000 yuan.

Arriving in Australia is only the first step in their dark life.

(2) triads are exploited in various industries in Australia

Since gangsters are unable to do taxable jobs, they often have to find some employers who can pay in cash and do not need to speak English. In fact, Australia has a variety of industries, including construction, services, massage and machinery manufacturing.

Black workers, which means they are often exploited by employers, in addition to salary is lower than ordinary people, but also can not enjoy any basic benefits such as industrial injury insurance, pension and so on.

Almost all interviewees recognized the problem and could only accept it with helplessness, Sigrave pointed out:

Once they leave the job or complain about it, they may be reported to immigration and sent home.

"No matter what the salary is, we can only accept it," one of the respondents said sincerely. "of course, we think it`s a little low, but we don`t have a choice. [we] have decided to come here and look for a job without a job rights."

The other said he was hired by a contractor and waited three months to get what he deserved and ended up working without pay.

Zhang (pseudonym), who has been in Australia for 30 years, grew up in rural China and did not want to go to farms, so he did everything he could to find relationship and enter a Chinese restaurant. He used to cut 200kg of beef a day, but even if his hands softened, salary had only $6 an hour. Even if salary is so low, he has never thought of a complaint, after all, the result of the complaint is both failures: the boss is fined, he himself faces unemployment.

As workers such as Lao Zhang find themselves being exploited, they are often expelled from Australia – thus allowing the exploitation to take root in the dark.

(3) the way out of the black people`s "whitening"

How long can the black people be "black" in Australia?

More than 18750 illegal immigrants have lived in Australia for 15 years, 1/4 of them from Malaysia or China, according to an government internal report disclosed by the Daily Telegraph last year.

But in fact, as immigration policy tightens in recent years, triads are becoming more and more "nowhere to hide" in Australia.

In recent years, in addition to calling on Australian authorities and landlord, real estate agents, nursery operators and so on, to verify applicants` visas before people rent houses and child care procedures, they also hope to conduct stricter screening of staff who open bank accounts, obtain driving licences or work on construction sites.

In general, for the "black people" in Australia, once discovered, there are two ways out:

  • First, facing expulsion and return;
  • The second is to try to "whiten", that is, through other channels such as "political asylum" to stay in Australia.

According to statistics, in 2018-19, the number of political asylum applications from China was second only to Malaysia (8013), at 4872, far less than the 9315 in the previous year, but the number of applications approved was only 90, or only 4 percent.

Sadly, the plot in the American drama "Ms. Secretary of State" is everywhere in reality:

A chinese student who was stranded abroad on the front page of the news on the grounds of political persolution found that her family was a very ordinary citizen`s family.

It was the idea her mother taught her as an excuse to stay abroad and get a green card.

I believe that the people who first set foot in this beautiful land of Australia have filled their hearts with ambition and want to make a world of their own. It is a pity that life is not satisfactory, and it is often nine out of ten. After the plane landed in a hurry, I didn`t know how difficult life was.

As Yan Geling said in Fusang: "people are in such a hurry to run here that the political, law, religion did not have time to bring it, only the naked desire."

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