More than 20 Chinese students have won the award when the college entrance examination won the top spot in Xinzhou.

[Education News]     16 Dec 2019
2019 Xinzhou college entrance examination number one group photo. (photo by Wei Yuxin, Wang Yi, Hu Xintong) * there are more than 20 subjects of Chinese origin in a wide range of subjects * 119. in 2019, more than 66000 students from Xinzhou participated in college entrance examination (HSC), and completed college entrance examination. Overall, 126 outstanding students from 88 schools across the s...

2019 Xinzhou college entrance examination number one group photo. (photo by Wei Yuxin, Wang Yi, Hu Xintong)

* A wide range of more than 20 subjects of Chinese origin

:: 119 units out of the furnace

* 6 persons won double or multi-disciplinary first place status quo.

In 2019,75,000 students attended college entrance examination, and more than 66,000 completed college entrance examination.

Overall, 126 outstanding students from 88 schools across the state received 135 single subject first certificates in 119 college entrance examination subjects.

New State Education Standards Bureau (NSW Education Standards Authority) today (December 16) held an award ceremony in Leighton Hall at the University of New South Wales to congratulate them on their remarkable achievements.

New State Governor Bergiklian (Gladys Berejiklian) and New State Education Director Michelle (Sarah Mitchell) also attended to congratulate the candidates.

Governor Bergiklian congratulated the college entrance examination students on their outstanding achievements and thanked their parents for their efforts. "these students are very diligent in their studies and should be proud of their extraordinary achievements," she said.

Bergiklian also noted: "it is an extraordinary achievement that 135 certificates have been awarded and six people have received certificates in more than one subject."

(2) the performance of the traditional famous schools won by the top three subjects is stable.

This year, two students won the top spot in three subjects. Jesse Caminer of (Cranbrook School) at Cranbrook School, a famous private school in Sydney, has topped the list in English Advanced (English Advanced), English Development (English Extension) and Chinese Intermediate (Chinese Continuers).

(North Sydney Boys) `s Samarth Shrivastava of North Sydney Elite Men is the first to win math (Mathematics), German intermediate (German Continuers) and German expansion (German Extension). The school has won a total of five single subjects and achieved remarkable results, along with Sydney`s famous elite private school, the Sydney Grammer College (Sydney Grammar)..

The (James Ruse Agricultural High School) performance of James Ruth Agricultural Middle School, one of the elite middle schools in the traditional famous school, is still stable, with four students receiving a single subject, including 1 (Mathematics Extension 1), 2 (Mathematics Extension 2), (Science Extension) for scientific expansion and (Software Design and Development). For software design and development. And these figures are of Chinese origin.

(Knox Grammar) students at the Knox grammar school, a private school, scored first in the drama (Drama), law study of (Legal Studies), mathematics (Mathematics) and modern history (Modern History).

(Barker College), a private school in the northern part of Sydney, was also one of the big winners. The school`s students won the first place in agricultural (Agriculture), physics (Physics) and mathematics standard (Mathematics Standard).

Sydney Elite (Sydney Girls High School) students in English Extension 1, French Continuers and Latin Extension top the list.

Cranbrook (Cranbrook School) alone won three single-class top marks on Jesse Caminer alone.

While Sydney`s private schools and elite classes at public elite secondary schools and public secondary schools are the big winners in this year`s college entrance examination, the average public school student also has a place on the top list.

Chinese candidates have performed as well as in previous years, with more than 20 Chinese children at the top of the list this year. Asian Americans, including Chinese, account for a higher proportion.

Women do not allow girls to perform well in STEM subjects

In this year`s new state college entrance examination, the girls perform well in four STEM subjects (note: STEM is a scientific (Science), technology (Technology), project (Engineering), math (Mathematics)). James Ruth`s student Eunice Wah Yan Cheng is at the top of the list of science expansion (science extension) subjects, while co-school Jocelin Shing-Yan Hon ranks first in math expansion 2 (maths extension 2). The last time a girl won the top spot in the most difficult math course was seven years ago in 2012.

Louise Godhard, from SCEGGS Darlinghurst, a prominent girls` private school in the eastern part of Sydney, ranks first in chemistry courses in New State, the first time in six years that girls are at the top of the subject.

College entrance examination from Syria has only been in Australia for three years

Kozanohli (Pardy Kozanoghli), a (Galstaun College) student at Gaston College, who won the first place in the new state in the intermediate (Armenian continuers) course for the Armenian language, said it was a "pretty encouraging start," now in 11th grade, and only three years ago when she came to Australia from Lebanon.

Kozanohli`s family, whose mother tongue is Armenian, fled Syria in the fourth grade of Kozano Huri. "seriously, learning Armenian is not my choice, but I think it`s a responsibility to keep speaking my mother tongue," she said. "I don`t think I`m doing very well in this class, so when I got a call telling me I was number one in the course, I was surprised. I told my mom right away. My parents were proud of it."

Kozano Hurley will continue to take other courses in college entrance examination next year, such as English, biology, drama and mathematics. She also speaks Arab, and Arab has become her third language. "it was difficult to learn English at first, but I`ve managed to get through it and get used to it," she said.

New state candidates will be able to surf the Internet or text messages from 6: 00 a.m. tomorrow (December 17). (HSC Inquiry Centre), the college entrance examination consulting center of the New State Bureau of Education Standards (NSW Education Standards, NESA), will open from the morning of the 17th to provide question-answering services on student scores.

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