ANZ crown confirmed ten thousand, the number of death climbed! New outbreaks in Sydney affected Kmart and live a retired life Hospital

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[Social News]     14 Jul 2020
The aggressive new wave of new crown epidemic has cut the number of infections across Australia. As of 5 p.m. today, the total number of newly diagnosed cases has soared to 10251, with death cases increasing to 110. At present ,270 new cases were diagnosed in Weizhou, a total of 4224 cases. There were also 13 new states with cases rebounding, reaching 3505. Western Australia increased by one case ...

The aggressive new wave of new crown epidemic has cut the number of infections across Australia. As of 5 p.m. today, the total number of newly diagnosed cases has soared to 10251, with death cases increasing to 110.

At present ,270 new cases were diagnosed in Weizhou, a total of 4224 cases. There were also 13 new states with cases rebounding, reaching 3505. Western Australia increased by one case to 636. There were still 1071 cases in Queensland ,443 in South Australia ,228 in Tazhou ,113 in Capital Territory and 31 in North Territory.

As far as death cases are concerned, the number of cases increased by two to 26. The state is still the largest in Australia, with 49 cases. There were 6 cases in Queensland ,9 cases in Western Australia ,3 cases in Capital Territory ,4 cases in South Australia and 13 cases in Tazhou.

A total of 13 new outbreaks in Sydney affected live a retired life hospitals and supermarkets

悉尼卡苏拉的Crossroads Hotel疫情加剧。(《卫报》图片)

As of last night's 24 hours, Xinzhou from 12332 cases of detection, newly diagnosed 13 cases of new crown, a total of 3505 cases.

Ten new cases circulate a notice this morning were linked to an outbreak in the Crossroads Hotel tavern in Kasoula (Casula), a resident of southwest Sydney, including three visitors and seven contacts. The other two patients were returned passengers isolated at the hotel. The other is a close contact with an earlier diagnosis of imported cases overseas.

A total of 89 people are currently receiving treatment from the Department of Health of the new state, and another 2799 have been rehabilitated.

The new state's chief medical officer, Kerry Chant, announced this morning that the total number of cases in the Crossroads Hotel infection cluster had risen to 28. Apart from the 10 new cases circulate a notice this morning, five newly diagnosed cases will be included in tomorrow's data.

New patients are known to include a 40-year-old woman, a 30-year-old man and a 20-year-old girl in the southwest of Sydney who arrived on July 3 and a 50-year-old Melbourne man who arrived on the same day.

In addition, three people who had been in close contact with shop confirmed patients were included in the new cases reported this morning. They are a child, a teenager and an 80-year-old man from southwest Sydney. Another 20-year-old man in the same district is being questioned by a tracing specialist.

Mr. chant also revealed that a new doctor, who was involved in the Crossroads Hotel outbreak, went to work at a Kmart supermarket in casula on july 10, working from 5pm to midnight.

She calls on those who come to the store during the period to be aware of their symptoms, self-segregated and tested. The supermarket is now closed.

The other confirmed man, associated with the outbreak, visited an elderly resident in a Prestons Lodge live a retired life hospital in the local government area of Liverpool (Liverpool) during his infectious period.

But mr chant said this morning that Prestons Lodge had not found any other cases. However, for the sake of prevention, the live a retired life House is now closed. The visiting elderly residents are in isolation.

She also stated that "I would like to remind, in particular, those who arrived before 10 July, in particular on 4 and 5 July ", and reiterated that" all visitors from 3 to 10 July should be self-segregated and tested for 14 days test results are negative, for 14 days ".

Berejiklin (Gladys Berejiklian), governor of the new state, warned today that zero cases were unlikely to occur in the state during the new crown pandemic.

"When you relax restrictions like we do, you'll have more cases. We must accept that. "Of course, the new state's current high level of vigilance is also due to the situation in Virginia ," she said. "

Virginia: A surge of 270 elderly death

墨尔本市区的弗林德斯(Flinders Street)街城铁站附近,路人戴上口罩。(《悉尼先驱晨报》图片)

The state has seen a surge of 270 new crown cases overnight. It was the state's ninth consecutive day of three-digit growth, but still slightly below the 288 reported on Friday.

Since the weekend, the total number of confirmed cases in the state has surpassed the new state, currently 4224 cases.

A press release from the Virginia Department of Health confirmed that an old man and an old woman had died in the past 24 hours. Both were in their 80s and both died in hospital. and this pushed the state's new crown death cases to 26.

New cases circulate a notice in Virginia today include 28 cases related to Menarock live a retired life hospital in Esenton, Melbourne ;13 cases related to another live a retired life hospital in Adel, Ardeer ;11 cases related to LaManna supermarket in Esenton; and 14 cases related to Somerville retail service stores in Tottenham.

Meanwhile, nine new cases were diagnosed in the Cenvic Construction Riverina Apartments public housing building in Fuji (Footscray), a Chinese gathering area. There were three additional cases at the Sanpache College (Al-Taqwa College) in Tuganina (Truganina), bringing the total to 147.

After the number of infected staff of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (Royal Melbourne Hospital) increased to 12, visitors were banned from the hospital. Another 64 health-care workers who have been close to the confirmed staff are currently on leave.

The Governor of Virginia, Andrews (Daniel Andrews), admitted to journalist this morning :" It is clear that, in so many cases, it is a real challenge to find out where, with whom and with whom these people have been in close contact. "

Virginia's chief medical officer, Sutton (Brett Sutton), also said the state has not "turned the corner" in its struggle with Coronavirus.

"[ New cases reported today] did not reach the single-day maximum increase, but we did not turn the corner. "I hope to see a reversal this week, but there is no guarantee ," he said. We still have to do the right thing to keep the numbers down. "

He stated that "without adequate mechanisms to reduce transmission ", the State did not rule out the possibility of further imposition of blockade restrictions in the State.

Sutton also warned that there might be a large number of people in hospital in the next two weeks ," at least hundreds ".

At present, there are 81 new crown patients in Virginia. The number of people in intensive care reached a new high of 26,21 of whom needed a ventilator.

Western Australia: One new boy returned from England

A 10-year-old boy was Coronavirus positive after returning from overseas. Cook (Roger Cook), Head of Health, Western Australia, confirmed this afternoon that he was the only confirmed case in the state in the past 24 hours. This raised the total number of cases in the state to 636.

At present, the child and his family are under compulsory isolation at the Western Australia hotel. authorities don't think he's threat. to the community

The child arrived in Western Australia on July 1 after travelling abroad from Britain to Dubai. The test results were also positive for another 10 people.

Although the number of cases continued to rise in Virginia and New Zealand, there was no community transmission in Western Australia, Cook said. this means that the state government will not consider stricter restrictions.

South Australia postponed the reopening of the border between New Zealand and the capital territory following the announcement by Queensland of a ban on residents from two local government (Liverpool) and Jinbao (Campbelltowm) in Sydney. Cook then added that the situation in the new state was "worrying ". If necessary, the state will consider strengthening border restrictions.

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