Australia plans to introduce a new bill to lower the 'visa cancellation' threshold! Such persons will be deported.

[Immigration News]     27 Oct 2018
Is that a good thing or a bad thing?In recent days, the Australian Federal government is introducing immigration bill reforms aimed at lowering visa cancellation standards and deporting overseas criminals suspected of sexual and violent crimes.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

In recent days, the Australian Federal government is introducing immigration bill reforms aimed at lowering visa cancellation standards and deporting overseas criminals suspected of sexual and violent crimes.

The reform will save Australian taxpayers hundreds of millions of Australian dollars! The new bill will be delivered to the Federal Parliament as soon as this week. Let`s take a look at the details of the new bill.

Content of the new bill

Offences within one year of imprisonment can still be cancelled

Under the current Immigration Act, overseas residents who have been sentenced to imprisonment for one year or more will be cancelled for bad conduct, which is one of the most common incentives for visa cancellation.

In other words, if the sentence is less than 1 year, the visa is basically unaffected. At present, the DMS conduct test range is relatively narrow.

But the new bill changes that people who have been sentenced to less than a year in prison for an offence can also be cancelled.

The new law mainly refers to a series of sexual crime or violent crimes, such as domestic violence, violation of a violent prohibition order, carjacking, burglary, and carrying murder weapons. The Australian Criminology Association recently investigated 184 such criminals and found that cancelling visas could save Australian taxpayers more than A $100 million.

The old bill applies only to offenders who have a term of imprisonment of one year or more, while the new act also applies to offenders who have a sentence of less than one year. It is clear that the new bill is wider than the old one.

The new bill, which will be delivered to the federal parliament as soon as this week, will directly result in the deportation of thousands of overseas residents.

Applicable to violent offenders under 18 years of age

Jason Wood, head of the Joint Standing Committee for Migration, said in an interview that the new visa cancellation act is not only applicable to adults but also to minors under the age of 18 who are suspected to be serious, and that the new bill will be based on the severity and age of the crime. Because there`s a lot of the mafia vience events in the vistates that are committed by a minor. So it is necessary to add the "Not restricted by age" `s terms.

The new bill has been in the works for a long time

In fact, the implementation of the new bill has been planned for a long time. , Jason Wood had been talking closely with Peter Dutton about reform of the bill for months before the immigration department`s former minister Peter Dutton went down. So Jason Wood plays an important role in the implementation of the new legislation.

Wood said that many suspected sex, violence and gang criminals were sentenced to less than one year in prison, and that in cases of domestic violence, some of them did not go to jail at all, thus avoiding visa cancellations.

But if an overseas resident comes to Australia to rob a house, participate in carjacking, physical assault or sexual harassment someone else, suspected of child porn or domestic violence crime, I believe most Australians want them to be repatriated.

So he thinks visa cancellations should not depend on how long they go to jail, at least not under the new law. As long as they commit crimes, even if they do not go to prison, visas will be cancelled. It`s protecting Australians from non-Australians.

Wood believes the new law will be widely supported by Morrison government and the community.

There are two main reasons for the implementation of the new bill: first, the high crime rate of overseas residents has caused serious threat to Australian public security; Second, some judges made light or unfair sentences taking into account the cancellation of overseas resident visas.

High crime rate

High crime rates among overseas residents are an important factor in the new law, Wood said, shortly after a gang of 6-8 teenagers suspected of African descent invaded David McGregor`s Melbourne home.

As soon as McGregor opened the door, he was beaten and kicked by the gang, who took the cash and car keys away from him. McGregor was admitted to the hospital because of his injuries, and the gang went to his house to steal the car while in hospital.

Wood said: "if overseas residents so blatantly encroach on homes, such violent groups must be the target of our eviction."

The Wood also says the high incidence of violence and gang problems has alarmed citizens. According to evidence provided by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, 40 of the 60 Apex mafia core members in Victoria are Australian citizen, but only six were born in Australia.

Under the existing law, visas for many Apex gang members have been cancelled, and they will continue to be the focus of tracking under the new law.

Sudanese-born Isaac Gatkuoth is one of the young gang members and his visa has been cancelled.

But the Wood says the new law does not include any discriminatory elements, regardless of sex, age or nationality, and applies to every overseas resident.

"We allow overseas residents to live in Australia, but we also need to make a strong statement that staying in Australia is a privilege, but if we commit a crime in Australia, it will be cancelled at any time. The new bill clearly and loudly conveys this message. "

The Wood also revealed that under the new law, offenders whose visas were cancelled would not be automatically deported, and they also had the right to appeal to AAT and immigrant minister.

Light punishment

Under the existing law, a criminal visa with a sentence of one year or more may be cancelled; for less than one year, there is basically no problem. So some judges will take this one-year line into account when they are sentenced.

According to a submission from the Australian Police Federation, some judges deliberately sentenced less than a year in prison to avoid mandatory cancellation of visas for failing to meet moral requirements.

In a case previously reported by the Herald Sun, Behzad Bashiri, an Iranian refugee, poured gasoline on himself, threatening to burn down the entire building to work at a local work unit in threat.

He was later fined too lightly by Joan White, a Kunzhou magistrate, who was fortunate not to be deported. White publicly admitted on court that Bashiri had been given a suspended sentence in the hope of keeping his visa.

Not only did Bashiri move to Victoria, but he was more wanton. He, threat, says he faces more charges of intimidation when he wants to blow up local residents with trucks to knock down the police. The state police department was very worried that Bashiri would be in trouble with the police at any moment, so he appealed directly to the immigrant minister, hoping to deport Bashiri.

In March, the police agreed to drop the charges against Bashiri in the hope that it would speed up immigration`s decision to deport him.

Wood said the introduction of the new law would prevent such things from happening, and that criminals could be deported no matter how long they served their sentences.


Some departments disagree with the new bill. Labour denied there was a gang problem in Australia and claimed that the victims were deliberately alarmist. Shayne Neumann, a spokesman for the opposition party, submitted a report against the new bill, saying he opposed amendments to the immigration bill and did not want to easily expel criminals from Australia.

In fact, the editor thinks the implementation of the new legislation is a good thing! Australia`s good social security is well-known all over the world, it is such a safe environment for overseas students to study safely, residents live and work in peace and contentment.

If some unscrupulous overseas residents are smudging, isn`t that a blow to Australia`s face? Crucially, the only purpose of the new bill is to ensure that people living in Australia, both overseas and native, can live in a safe and sound environment. What do you think of that?

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