Enjoy your weekend outing: New Sydney Zoo

[Free Tour]     05 Jan 2020
On Friday, December 6(Friday), New State Governor Gladys Berejiklan attended and announced its opening ceremony at the New Sydney Zoo, which was officially opened to the public on December 7. The Sydney Zoo is a unique tourist attraction that not only drives the lifestyle and tourism products in West Sydney, but also has the latest and state-of-the-art habitat design and a new experience of natura...

NEW YORK (AP)- New State Gov. Gladys Berejiklian attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the New Sydney Zoo on Friday, Dec.

Sydney Zoo is a unique tourist attraction that not only drives Western Sydney`s lifestyle and tourism products, but also has the latest and most advanced habitat design and a new experience of integrating nature, games and education.

The New Sydney Zoo is made up of four iconic regions - the Australian region, including an aquarium; the primate area; the Southeast Asian and African regions. Visitors of all ages can play around perfectly flat grounds, with no hills or steps, a total of 30 habitats and more than 2,000 animals. This is the space created for animals, with open terrain and improved animal welfare and visitor experience.

Enjoy your weekend outing: New Sydney Zoo

New state governor beckilian said the sydney zoo not only shows west sydney, but also the new state.

"For the first time in the region, the Sydney Zoo has a unique park and curatorial service. The zoo is expected to generate about $45 million a year in revenue for the new state economic, attracting 1 million visitors a year. For the first time in 100 years, Sydney has opened a large zoo, which will become one of the main attractions in Western Sydney. "

Jake Burgess, general manager of the Sydney Zoo, added," Sydney Zoo supports technology and innovation to improve animal welfare, increase visitor participation and promote endangered animals." In the past six years, our dedicated team has fulfilled the vision of me and my father. This zoo is home to our favourite exotic and native animals, the country`s largest reptile and nocturnal animal, and is also the only place in Sydney where zoos and aquariums are in one. "

"The Sydney Zoo will contribute to encouraging action and promoting how visitors can contribute to actively protecting animals and sustainability. Our goal is to continuously improve our animal habitat facilities while striving to increase visitor participation and education. We invited everyone to our celebration, and on December 7, we officially opened. "

Enjoy your weekend outing: New Sydney Zoo

"Early ticket sales were very strong. Tickets have been sold out this weekend. If you log in to for a pass for a family of four, it costs just $99.99 and saves 27 percent, including free parking. You can also register as a member of the year so you can have unlimited access to the zoo and enjoy a variety of discounts at restaurants and shops. "

Suellen Fitzgerald, executive director of Western Sydney Parklands and Parramatta Park Trusts, welcomed the opening of the Sydney Zoo, saying that "the world-class Sydney Zoo is a major calling card for Western Sydney Parklands and a major victory for Western Sydney visitor economics." I would like to congratulate John Burgess and Jack Burgess for making the Sydney Zoo`s vision a reality. It`s amazing to see their dream of turning Parklands into an African savannah come true. It`s an exciting new experience for visitors to Western Sydney. "

Please visit for tickets and membership, Sydney Zoo address:700 Great Western Hwy, Bungarribee NSW.

About the Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is a new world-class zoo that will be one of the main attractions in Western Sydney.

The Sydney Zoo has advanced technical and innovative levels to improve animal welfare, visitor participation and education. Through ingenious habitat design, it will provide a more immersive and attractive experience than traditional zoos.

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