Lost in the rainforests of the state of Kunming for three weeks, the man shows up strangely

[Social News]     14 Jan 2020
Left alone in the rainforest for three weeks. A man who was once suspected of having been killed by an alligator claims to have lived on nuts and berries in the Rainforest of Daintree, Kuns state, and has been bizarrely present three weeks later. But police suspect he may have deliberately evaded the search party during his time.

Left alone in the rainforest for three weeks. (Queensland Police Photo)


A man who was once suspected of having been killed by an alligator, claiming to be living off nuts and berries in the Rainforest of Daintree, in Kuns state, reappeared bizarrely three weeks later. But police suspect he may have deliberately evaded the search party during his time.

On December 23, a pickup truck driven by Milan Lemic, who lives in the state of Virginia, was trapped in the airs Crossing near Upper Daintree. A passerby helped him after meeting him and drove to a nearby farm to find a tractor to help him.

Unexpectedly, when the well-wisher returned to the area 20 minutes later, lemich disappeared, with authorities once worried that the 29-year-old may have been dragged away by a crocodile.

On monday afternoon, mr. lamidge appeared unexpectedly again.

He was previously reported to police to have seen a man twice on the rugged Creb Track, on which police found LeMic.

Kohler`s road is known to be a four-drive lane, but is now closed because of rising water levels.

Lemitch allegedly told police that he was waiting for the help of good Samaritans on the day of his disappearance when he thought of taking a walk nearby and got lost. Considering that he spent so long alone in the thick rainforest, he was in excellent shape.

Police speaker said that although he didn`t disclose too much about his life in the past few weeks," he said he depended on berries and fruit to feed his hunger and, of course, there was plenty of water. "

"He`s lost weight, but given that he`s been missing for three weeks, he`s in a very good state of mind. "

At one point after Lemmidge`s disappearance, a massive search operation was sparked over Christmas, and his distraught family made a special trip from Virginia to Queensland to plead for clues about his whereabouts.

Although authorities was once worried about Lemmich`s death of an alligator, a search of the Dantree River showed that the area wasn`t large enough to drag human crocodiles away, thus dispelling the concern.

At some stage of the search, autharies even doubted that lemich was deliberately avoiding the search. On december 26th police said they had "credible but unconfirmed" news that lemich had been seen in the dante district with a "small aboriginal man ".

Police later called on lemich to contact the police or family, and on december 30th authorities officially stopped searching for him, only to find the young man, who had been missing for three weeks on the basis of information provided by the public, yesterday.

Inspector Denis Fitzpatrick said at a news conference at noon on Tuesday:" At this stage we cannot confirm whether this is an extraordinary survival story," and it is likely to be a time of active escape from the police and emergency services volunteering their time and energy to find this person. "

Fitzpatrick said autharies were worried about lemich`s mental health and he had been taken to a safe place where police would question him.

Lemitch was not previously known to be wanted by the police, and Fitzpatrick said the whole thing was hard to explain.

One of the police`s investigative directions was whether Lemitch had been helped during his disappearance. Fitzpatrick thinks the odds are high, and that would be the starting point for the police investigation to explain how lemitch has survived the rainforest in that capacity and mental state for so long.

He allegedly didn`t try to escape when the police got information and drove the all-terrain vehicle close to Lemic.

Fitzpatrick said when police found LeMic," he was rather ragged. We`re worried about his mental state. We hope that his situation will be better so that we can get the exact (survival) version from him. "

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