Australia's new crown rose to 20697, death 278

2019-nCoV Special
[Social News]     08 Aug 2020
Police and military patrols in downtown Victoria and New State today announced 466 newly diagnosed and 9 Coronavirus infections in Melbourne following a phase IV epidemic, bringing the total to 20697 since the outbreak, while 12 more people in Victoria were COVID-19 to take their lives, adding 278 death.
Australia's new crown rose to 20697, death 278

Police and soldiers patrol the city centre after Melbourne went through a phase IV epidemic

Vizhou and Xinzhou today announced 466 and 9 new Coronavirus infections, respectively, bringing the total number of cases since the outbreak to 20697, while 12 more people in Vizhou were COVID-19 killed, increasing the death by 278.

The second wave of the outbreak of the worst-hit area of the cumulative diagnosis of 14, 238 cases, death 193 man, Far more than the first wave of severe disaster areas in Xinzhou cumulative 3851 cases and death 50 people. There are still 1087 confirmed cases in Queensland, death 6 man. 647 cases diagnosed in Western Australia, death 9 man. 459 cases diagnosed in South Australia, death 4 man. In Tazhou ,229 cases were diagnosed, death 13 man. 113 confirmed in the capital, death 3 man. Thirty - three people in the North, death. no one

More than 400 outbreaks in the state of Virginia for three days

The outbreak of new crown pneumonia is still severe as the first weekend after the fourth phase of the state's epidemic was closed, government 466 new cases of Coronavirus infection were announced at noon today, with 12 more death.

The number of newly diagnosed cases reported in Vizhou over the past three days is around 400, of which 471 were yesterday and 450 were the day before yesterday.

Among the 12 death patients with new coronary pneumonia, Including a man in his 30s, Two old men in their 70s, And two old men and three old women in their 80s, There are four older women in their 90s. Among the dead were six residents of the live a retired life Hospital.

"We express our deep condolences and sympathy to the families of the dead, and we know that this is a very difficult time for them ," Andrews (Daniel Andrews) the latest outbreak. We empathize with them and pray. "

Chief Medical Officer Professor Sutton (Brett Sutton) said he was still very dissatisfied with the current figures, although the state was "clearly" seeing some stability in the numbers.

"The number of outbreaks we fluctuated between 400 and 500 over the past week ," he said. And that's not good enough, but it's a positively sign that we have avoided an exponential increase in the past few weeks. "

Mr. Sutton said the third phase of the epidemic has avoided 20,000 or more cases.

"But we can't have 500 cases every day, and the associated morbidity, hospitalization, and intensive care requirements increase the burden. "

Professor Sutton said that the fourth phase of the epidemic limit has just begun a few days, the number of outbreaks will not change significantly, it will take a few weeks.

The biggest challenge to state government is still live a retired life hospitals and hospitals, which now have 1600 cases related to live a retired life homes, but now also need to focus on disability care homes, he said. Although there are still many fewer cases in disability care homes than in live a retired life homes, the same coordinated treatment and rapid response are required.

At present ,636 patients with new coronary pneumonia are treated in hospitals and 44 in intensive care units ,29 of whom need ventilator help.

To date, there have been 2584 cases of unknown origin of infection in Virginia, of which 130 were added yesterday.

Governor Andrews said that a total of 29,783 tests over the past 24 hours found that 140 more health workers were infected with virus, bringing the total number of COVID-19virus tested positive to 998.

Since the outbreak, a total of 7808 cases of infection have been Vizhou.

9 cases in Xinzhou with unknown source of infection

At the same time, the new state just announced at noon this year nine new cases of infection, the first in recent years to drop to less than 10 cases, but three of the sources of infection have not been identified, these "mysterious cases" continue to rise, raising health authorities concerns.

Three cases of unknown origin of infection, one of which was a Tanggara middle-aged (Tangara School for Girls) student in Cherry Creek (Cherrybrook) district, a northwest suburb of Sydney, were closed yesterday for intensive cleaning and disinfection. Two cases have close contact with each other.

The other four new cases of local infection were in contact with known cases. Only two cases were returned from a foreign trip and were quarantined at the hotel.

The new state health authorities today urged customers who visited the Burrow Bar bar in central sydney from 9.45 to midnight that night, as well as bar staff, to undergo an immediate 14-day quarantine.

Today ,9 new cases, the new state has been diagnosed a total of 3662 cases.

Queensland began closing its borders with the new state and capital territory today, and the state's health authorities announced that no new cases had been detected for the past 24 hours.

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