Private school fees are numerous, Australian parents can still afford?

[Education News]     28 Jan 2020
Brisbane grammar school. (Pictured in the Courier Mail) Australian parents who have paid high tuition fees send their children to private schools, but the thousands or even tens of thousands of tuition fees are only the beginning, with hundreds to thousands of extras to pay for that. Can parents bear it?

Brisbane grammar school. (Photo by the Courier Mail)

Australian parents who have already paid high fees are sending their children to private schools, but the thousands or even tens of thousands of tuition fees are only the beginning, with hundreds to thousands of extra expenses to be paid. Can parents bear it?

What does the extra charge include?

In queensland, australia, the cost of private school is soaring, and parents who have already paid high fees have to pay extra fees for the school, the messenger reports.

Technology, camp activities, sports and campus infrastructure are among the extras that private schools charge their parents. Parents will have to pay between $30 and more than $1,000 for these items.

One of the projects at St Joseph`s College, the state`s prestigious state, charges parents an extra fee for a $1,000 contribution.

The school`s secondary schools also charge parents and students a book fee of $110, with camp activities ranging from $195 to $350 and sports fees ranging from $50 to $1150. These are all costs beyond tuition.

At the prestigious private school of Brisbane Grammar School, where parents have to pay A $27,542 in fees, the school has moved to a full-package fee structure, but parents still have to pay an extra A $1,185 in technology.

Parents at Clayfield College will pay $500 for capital construction costs,$760 for general costs,$730 for technology and $430 for courses.

In schools in the Presbyterian and Methodist schools alliance (Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association. PMSA), the additional fees to be paid by the Brisbane Boys ' College, The British Broadcasting Corporation`s parents include $1,200 in technology costs, plus a total of $24,116 in fees, and $21,520 in fees for Summerville House.

Private school fees have been rising in Australia in recent years. (Photo by Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

How to determine the charge for private school?

Sharon Callister, chief executive of the Presbyterian and Methodist School`s alliance, said every PMSA school council and headteacher had decided on the fees charged and was aware of the economic pressures on the family.

Some PMSA schools offer laptops to students, while others opt for ways they can bring their own equipment. ""We understand that when parents choose the right school, cost is one of the most important factors, and we will ensure that our PMSA schools offer a value for money education. "Callister said.

David Roberton, executive director of the Queensland Independent Schools Association (Independent Schools Queensland), said school boards carefully consider their overall tuition fees and their community`s ability to pay for them every year.

Amazing increase in costs said the private school principal

Some high-profile private schools in Brisbane are reported to have seen a staggering rise in fees.

One of the biggest increases is the All Hallows School in the city, where fees are set to rise by 5.5 per cent to A $11,450 in 2020. In addition, parents will pay a large amount of fees according to the annual fee level of the camp / activity, ranging from A $40 to A $925, technical costs from A $180 to A $640, and maintenance costs of A $600 per family.

Catherine O ' kane, the headteacher of All Hallows, said tuition and extra fees were listed on the school`s website so parents could plan ahead and "make informed financial decisions."

"Fees are still at a low level of private school fees and feedback from parents confirms that we offer excellent value," she said. we offer a wide range of courses that guarantee strong academic outcomes, as well as the quality of social justice, culture, and sports programs we offer to students. "

"Regardless of the school tuition arrangement, all funds will be reinvested in the school to create the best learning experience and environment for present and future students. "O`Kane said.

"The additional costs are carefully considered, based on specific requirements for different academic years, such as interstate travel or graduation ceremonies. "

Research and consideration of parents

Justine Cirocco, executive of Queensland`s private school parent network (Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network), says most parents have spent about two years studying all aspects of the school they consider attending.

She said:" They know what they can afford, they know what kind of way to educate their children to maximize their potential... Private schools are transparent in charging fees, identifying which fees are included and which are not. This enables parents to accurately compare costs. "(Yu Kuai)

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