'Room N' incident: South Korea again revealed a massive sexual crime scandal, police approved the release of suspect information

[International News]     25 Mar 2020
After last year's nightclub door scandal swept South Korea's entertainment industry, an appalling collective sexual crime scandal triggered another earthquake in South Korea. This event, known as "Room N "(NthRoom), found a large number of chat groups on the encrypted communication application Telegram, with multiple suspects producing and distributing illegally filmed videos of female sexual expl...

After last year`s nightclub door scandal swept South Korea`s entertainment industry, an appalling collective sexual crime scandal triggered another earthquake in South Korea.

This event, known as "Room N "(Nth Room), found a large number of chat groups on the encrypted communication application Telegram, with multiple suspects producing and distributing illegally filmed videos of female sexual exploitation and photo, many women even known as" slaves ".

South Korean President Wen Zaiyin has expressed condolences to the women victims and ordered a thorough investigation of the case. At present, the police have identified at least 74 victims ,16 of whom are minors. A total of more than 260,000 people watched or distributed illegal videos through Room N.

"Room N" incident in South Korea after the public outrage, in just a few days has more than 2.5 million people in the South Korean platform "Qingwatai National petition" petition, asked to open group chat participants information, the largest number in Korean history.

And what is "room N "? 

Room N operates Telegram the chat application, on which a number of users set up chat groups that distribute paid video and photo from the sexual threat of women.

For the purpose of avoiding the search, the perpetrators built several chat groups in advance, constantly built and disbanded the chat groups, and named "Room 1 and" Room 2" respectively, so they are collectively referred to as "Room N ". Because Telegram servers are located overseas, South Korean police are also difficult to track.

Zhao, the founder of the Ph.D. Room, has been arrested. South Korean police have decided to release information when they deliver it to prosecutors Wednesday

South Korean media reported that "Room N" was originally created in February 2019 by netizens named "God "(GodGod). These chat groups subsequently evolved and expanded. Today, a series of "doctor`s rooms" created by a user alias "doctor" are most rampant.

The chat groups he founded set different prices for different levels of sexual exploitation. According to the report, the admission fee for the highest level group is about 1.5 million won (RMB 8400). Besides paying admission fees, members of the Ph.D. room must also publish videos or pictures that also contain porn content to maintain membership.

The "doctor" was arrested on 16 March. Zhao ,25, graduated from the information and communications department of an industrial university and is currently unemployed, has made billions of won in this way.

On social media, he seduces victims in the name of part-time jobs, such as costume models, by taking nude photo of the victim`s face out of the mirror, making threat, videos of sexual exploitation and selling them in chat groups.

Of what is now known as the crime, offenders require victims not only to shoot naked videos, but also require victims to engrave & quot; slaves & quot; on their bodies with knives, while group members not only ask for larger-scale sex videos, but also publish social networking photo. for friends

Each chat group (i.e ." room ") has at least 10,000 people, up to 30,000. A total of over 260,000 people are expected to participate in the "room N" cluster, although some are considered duplicative.

Already, more than 2.56 million people have been supported in the national petition of Ching Wah Tai

2.5 million petition 

Exposure to the "N house" incident in South Korea has not yet emerged from the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia caused a stir. So far, the police have been able to identify as many as 74 women killed, of whom 16 are minors, and the youngest victim is only an 11-year-old pupil.

South korean president wen jiayin expressed condolences to all women victims monday (march 23). He said that the police should not only investigate operators such as "doctor ", it was necessary to investigate all members of" room N ", and hoped that a special investigation team would be set up to punish the perpetrators.

On the Korean government`s policy-seeking website ," Ching Wa Tai National petition ",, a petition was launched to request the authorities to publish the perpetrators of the crime, as well as the entire membership of the "Room N" group.

Zhao ,25, took part in public welfare activities in orphanages

petition person wrote in petition reason :" To coerce the victim and let her act like sexual behavior in front of her family, if this is not the devil, I do not know what is the devil? "

As soon as the two petition were released, they quickly exceeded the official request of Qingwatai for 200,000 support threshold. On march 24th, the two petition received 2.56 million and 1.82 million people, respectively, the highest number of consent petition in five days of korean history. Park Canlie, Zheng Ronghe, Li Huili and many other Korean artists have also voiced support.

South korean police have decided, under pressure from public opinion, to release mr. zhao`s information when he was sent to prosecutors on wednesday, the news agency reported tuesday. And that means Zhao will be the first person in South Korea to be publicly identified by the police for sexual crime.

Furthermore, the "N house" incident also caught the attention of netizens in social media in neighbouring China. On the Weibo, the number of hits on the topic # n room # is as high as 610 million, with 430,000 posts or messages.

"I can`t sleep at all after watching the news, I` ve been crying... I hope our sexual invasion incidents don`t go away ," one netizen said.

Chinese netizens also called on Chinese women to be vigilant about the phenomenon, especially from people around them.

"I don`t know if there is such a dirty forum in our country, but the soil is really no different. When I was in primary school, I wasn`t in the minority until I was grown up ," a Weibo netizen said.

stealthie porn Rampant Korean Resisters

Can the perpetrators be brought to justice? 

So how many of them will be punished for as many as 200,000 viewers?

Under the current law in Korea, the behavior of most & quot;N & quot; members may not constitute a criminal offence. Under South Korea`s special law on the punishment of sexual violence crimes, there is no specific provision in the law for the punishment of sexual exploitation videos or pictures of adult women, even if they are illegal, if they are not taken directly or disseminated, but only to watch.

If the information on sexual exploitation of minors is held, the penalty under the law, of children and adolescents shall be imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 20 million yuan.

According to the survey of the Korean Ministry of Women`s Family ,64.2% of the sexual crime targeted at children and adolescents, including illegal shooting and dissemination, in 2017, were suspended, and the proportion of sentenced sentences was only 6.4%.

Some netizens who had been involved in watching the video now seem to be trying to destroy the evidence.

A netizen asked Naver Korean website ," I deleted (group) and quit, there will be evidence? "

A number of chat groups have also appeared on other social media outlets in Korea to guide users in deleting "room N" records. Such articles as "delete Telegram records" appear in public chat KakaoTalk chat software.

sexual crime against women is a long-term problem in Korea. Last year, the famous entertainers announced their withdrawal from showbiz due to a scandal involving the use of nightclubs for & quot; bribery. Singer Zheng Junying, who was in the same chat group with Victory, and another singer Cui Zhongxun were sentenced to six and five years` imprisonment respectively for being charged with gang rape, drunken women.

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