Self-destruct! Harvard chinese students steal 21 samples of cancer cells and return home to the fbi airport

[International News]     04 Jan 2020
2019 is officially over, and we are ushering in the 2020 era. These days, no matter the friends around you or social networks, are filled with emotion and excitement to welcome the new decade. However, for a harvard chinese student, in 2020, he will face not an unlimited future, but a prison sentence, or even the end of his academic career.

2019 is officially over, and we are ushering in the 2020 era.

These days, no matter the friends around you or social networks, are filled with emotion and excitement to welcome the new decade.

However, for a harvard chinese student, in 2020, he will face not an unlimited future, but a prison sentence, or even the end of his academic career.

Harvard chinese foreign student airport by arest

The Chinese student, named Zaosong Zheng, is a doctoral graduate student from Sun Yat-sen University.

In 2018, Zheng entered Harvard`s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as a visiting scholar, with the main research area being bladder and kidney cancer.

On December 10,2019, Zeng, who had intended to fly home, did not expect to be arrested at Boston`s Logan Airport.

Since then, zheng has been prosecuted.

Zheng`s arrest was not officially justified until December 30,2019, when the case was first heard.

In his complaint, FBI agent Kara D. Spice revealed that Zheng was arrested for being suspected of making a series of "false, fictitious and fraudulent" statements to customs.

On the day of December 10, U.S. Customs found 21 bottles of unknown brown liquid in Zheng`s checked baggage with typing and handwritten instructions and notes. At the same time, the glass bottles were carefully packaged and stuffed into socks.

Spice suspects the vials "contain undeclared or packaged biomaterials."

Cheng was then taken to the "Little Black Room" for questioning.

At first, zheng denied that the vials had anything to do with his research.

As the inquiry deepened, eventually zheng had to admit that he had stolen from his lab and copied some of the research samples from his colleague tao zhang.

Zheng also confessed that once the study had been successful, he would take the vials to the lab at the memorial hospital in zhongshan and publish an essay in his own name.

For now, it`s unclear what the substance in the bottles is, but according to former roommates of zheng, who also works in the lab, the small bottle contains samples of cancer cells.

According to the Harvard newspaper The Harvard Crimson, after Zheng`s arrest, Beth Israel, the hospital of Buddhism in Har, immediately dismissed him.

Meanwhile, Zheng`s visa has been revoked.

At the moment, Mr. Cheng`s defence, Lawer Brendan O. Kelley, has yet to respond to any media response to the case.

On the edge of the word "Lee"

Cold window for more than ten years

Whatever the final outcome of the case, there is no doubt that Zheng`s career is almost over.

Zeng, who was supposed to be a very good Chinese medical student and cancer researcher, is now lucky enough to go to the dream school of countless people, but all this has been ruined by his own greed and heart.

However, being fired from a hospital and revoked is only the beginning of the consequences.

Zheng is about to face a lengthy trial process, and the likelihood of jail time and large fines is greatly enhanced based on the fact that he has already acknowledged the theft.

Not to mention, since then, both on the road to research and on the road to career as a doctor, the stigma of theft will accompany him, and what he has achieved will be challenged for what he has done.

People who are familiar with studying abroad know how hard it is for a foreign student to get an offer from a dream school and face social and academic pressures in a foreign country.

Zheng`s example explains what "a good hand, a poor game ", which makes people angry and sad.

Even more distressing is that this kind of "ten years of cold window, once the end of the" thing, but not a lone example.

It`s believed that there are other partners who still remember the sizzling "Harvard MIT Chinese couple jailed for $120,000" in 2018.

On October 30,2017, Chinese student Yan Fei admitted on the Federal Court for the Southern District of New York:

He used his wife, wang monroe, as a lawer, to get inside information and gain about $120,000 from illegal trades.

Yan Fei`s wife, Wang Menglu, is a Harvard law student who works for the prestigious law firm, and he himself is a postdoctoral researcher in quantum physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In 2016, wang`s lawer was involved in a big acquisition involving $2.4 billion.

Mr. yan got information from his wife about the purchase and, before the announcement, began to buy shares. After the announcement, the share price rose and mr. yan sold his shares.

In 2017, mr yan re-emerged and again profited from insider trading in another acquisition involving his wife.

Total profit of $120,000 on two occasions.

In May 2018, Yan Fei and Wang Menglu ushered in their own final trial results - up to 15 months in prison, and two years after their release from prison outside prison. Wang Menglu was also frozen the lawer license, and was expelled from the law firm, I am afraid it will be difficult to involve lawer field.

A Harvard-educated lawer, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in quantum research, had a bright future, and the two men, because of their inflated greed and selfishness, had ruined all their efforts to realize their dreams.

Even without mentioning decades of hard work and dreams, a hundred thousand dollars may sound like a lot in terms of reality and money alone, but in terms of their educational background and work conditions, it may just be part of their future salary.

In 2016, Harvard-educated Asian female financier Haena Park scammed relatives, friends and Harvard classmates for $23 million and ended up with a three-year prison sentence for alleged investment fraud.

In march 2014, four students from tsinghua university were sentenced to eight months to one year in prison by the central court in south korea on suspicion of going to korea for toefl and gre.

Most of them can be said to be "the proud son of heaven ", but their excellence, their planning, their intelligence, are all weapons of self-interest.

Greed and luck psychology let these elites lose their minds, the net is restored, once the incident, the consequences will be a lifetime of burden.

This is the sorrow of the entire Chinese academic community

Back to this event, the case of Mr. Zheng`s classmates, in the current environment, has surpassed the category of "destroying the future because of greed ", but has cast a shadow on the Chinese academic circles.

The embarrassing situation of Chinese scholars is already obvious to all.

On May 16,2019, Emory University administrators abruptly shut down the laboratory of the school`s outstanding lecturer, Chinese-American human geneticist Li Xiaojiang, and his wife.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the FBI are investigating 180 cases of alleged theft of biomedical research funded by US government.

These cases involve mainly Chinese researchers, covering 71 major medical centers and research institutes in the United States.

Indeed, the incident came as part of the National Institutes of Health and the FBI`s efforts to strengthen regulation.

The Harvard Crimson said they had also set up two committees to oversee academics at NIH`s request.

After Zheng`s incident, U.S. prosecutors began to suspect that the theft had been instructed by the Chinese side of the Chinese scholarship.

But in fact, Boston Herald researchers from other foreign countries in the Boston area were also stopped at Logan Airport, many of whom had their visas confiscated and cancelled.

Nowadays, the situation of Chinese scholars is becoming more and more embarrassing, and many Chinese scholars have fallen into the situation of the common people. Many chinese-american scientists have been forced to change research directions, adjust project applications and academic planning, and reduce normal exchanges with chinese academics.

We can only be more careful under the helpless, and the similar time of zheng students, is undoubtedly to add fuel to the fire, so that the efforts of many steadfast and careful chinese scholars have been wasted.

Netizens in the news commentary section are already calling for another step-up in censorship that will prevent chinese students from reaching out to scientific research, and visa should be stricter and stricter.

Many things in the world seem to have shortcuts to take, but the cost of shortcuts is often much more serious than thought.

Profit drives and takes chances, making them degenerate step by step.

It is hoped that the events of the zheng students will sound the alarm bell again, and also sincerely hope that similar events will not be staged again.

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