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The Greyhound bus has a large red and white body color bus. Every day more than 60 red buses run on the greyhound traffic network in Australia. At the end of 2019, four brand new greyhound buses were put into use, and the body was white.

FAQ FAQ & amp; Answer Answers One by One

No.1 Greyhound Bus Appearance 

Greyhound buses have large red and white buses with two body colors. Every day more than 60 red buses run on the greyhound traffic network in Australia. At the end of 2019, four brand new greyhound buses were put into use, and the body was white.

A red body, a red body,

I`ve got a white body.

Facilities for Greyhound buses 

Greyhounds use a 48-seat bus, we are committed to providing guests with a comfortable and tidy ride environment, such as: landscaped car windows (no impact on passenger view, photography), on-board air conditioning, free Wi-Fi (few vehicles are not equipped), on-board toilet. In addition, passengers can adjust the back angle of the seat, the seat is leather surface, each seat is equipped with a separate USB charging port and reading lights.

What are the working hours of the Greyhound Bus Call Centre/Service Hotline? 

The service hotline is (0061)1300467946, working hours from Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM (Kunzhou time), English service.

How much luggage can I take for the greyhound? 

Free to carry one piece of baggage not exceeding 8 kg into the car and two pieces of baggage not exceeding 20 kg in the car.

If you need to carry extra baggage on board, you will have to pay a fee of not more than 20 kilos per piece of baggage:10 Australian dollars for one extra piece of baggage and 15 Australian dollars for two extra pieces of baggage.

Can you bring a surfboard or a greyhound bus on a bicycle?

Yes, extra charge. One bike costs 49 Australian dollars, surfboards, skateboards, etc.15 Australian dollars.

Is there a preferential price for the elderly and children? 

1) Offers for senior, senior high school and above:

-10% discount, valid only for Australia and New Zealand citizen card, student card, etc.

- for passengers other than Australia and New Zealand, at original price

2) Child preference:

Children 3-14 years of age (including 3 and 14 years of age): accompanied by adults,20.25%

:: Babies under 3:

If an adult carries one baby, buy a baby ticket at half price.

-2 babies can be carried by 2 adults (free, but no seats). If more than 2 babies are carried, baby tickets need to be purchased at half price (with seats)

Physically challenged facilities and policies for greyhound buses 

At present,80% of greyhound buses are equipped with convenient wheelchair boarding facilities, and we will further increase this proportion in the future.

you can call the greyhound service hotline (0061)1300473946 to confirm that your reserved vehicle is equipped with the facility or to inform us of your needs. It is recommended to contact 24 hours in advance.

Non-electric wheelchairs, walking aids can be carried on board (counted as passenger luggage, to be stored uniformly in the baggage compartment of the bus). Electric wheelchairs are usually heavier, and such tools are not available for boarding, taking into account transport safety concerns.

Guide dogs can get on the bus free of charge.

No.7 About WHIMIT Ticket 

How to calculate the number of days of WIMIT ticket?

From 0 points on the day you first get on the bus using a WHIMIT ticket, a day is counted at 24 hours.

You can get on the bus at the last minute of the ticket validity and enjoy your overnight service.

How long is the WIMIT ticket valid?

WIMIT tickets can be activated within one year after purchase. Once the WHIMIT ticket is activated, its validity period is the number of days you purchased.

How can I check the frequency of the flight and whether there is any delay? 

You can use the Coach Tracker on the Greyhound Bus website at:

Just enter the shift number, travel date. Check the day, yesterday, and the frequency of the drive.

In addition, you can also pay attention to the official website at the top of the rolling broadcast of the day bus changes.

Can I refund or change the itinerary? 

Refund: All tickets are not refundable once sold.

Change: the itinerary is not changeable; if you have a discount ticket, please make a change at least 24 hours in advance of departure time; if you have a premium ticket, make a change at least 15 minutes in advance of departure time.

For a change of itinerary, please call our Call Centre (0061) at 1300 473946, or go to the Greyhound website and go to "My Greyhound Account" for a change. Passengers with premium tickets need to make changes within 1 hour of departure, please call the call centre (0061) at 1300 473946 or the staff of the station to make changes.

How will the tickets be used if they are delayed or cancelled due to irresistible factors? 

Greyhound buses will do their best to help customers find alternative travel options. Passengers can also use this ticket at another time (valid within 6 months of the date of purchase).

Under the provisions of the Australian Consumer Act, in certain circumstances (e.g. travel delays, cancellations), customers may receive compensation or refunds, although this also depends on the reasons for the delay or cancellation, the length of the delay, and whether the Greyhound bus provides a replacement for the guest.

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