Cora adoption strategy 480 million animals buried in a sea of fire,8400 koalas disappear! Save them for $30!

[Life Information]     14 Feb 2020
Nearly four months of intense fires have been unsettling, as they continue from a common forest fire. .. Constantly. .. spread in multiple ranges. Today, it's totally beyond imagination. It's not just a human disaster. It's a catastrophe of life on all Australia's mainland.

Nearly four months of intense fires have been unsettling, as they continue from a common forest fire. .. Constantly. .. spread in multiple ranges.

Today, it`s totally beyond imagination. It`s not just a human disaster. It`s a catastrophe of life on all Australia`s mainland.

More than 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have been killed by the blaze, according to ecologists.

These lives were unable to escape the fire, no evacuation, no rescue, the moment the flames came, but also maintain the final posture of life.

(The following picture may cause discomfort)

They were burned and choked with smoke. Ecology experts from the University of Sydney and the Australian World Wide Fund for Nature have also given another heartbreaking prediction: the number of dead animals caused by the fire could eventually be well over 500 million, with several species likely to die out with the blaze. It is not only the direct invasion of the fire, but also the loss of habitat.

Australia`s ecological environment is so sensitive and fragile that it cannot be repaired in the short term.

For the survivors of life, facing the loss of shelter and food, living is also a big problem.

Among them, the national treasure koalas, is one of the most hurt animal race, their prospects, in the fire raging, full of danger.

Although "functional extinction of koalas" is nonsense, but, because Eucalyptus trees have been hit by a lot of fires and koalas have lost their habitat, so their population is still not optimistic.

So far,8,400 koalas have been killed in the inferno, and even if they were lucky enough to escape in the inferno, it was painful.

Remember their cute furry looks?

Save the hairy children, and you can adopt them for 30 months and give them a home.

Australia Koala Foundation Australia Koala Foundation

This is a non-government, non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild koalas and habitat conservation and management.

Since white Australians settled,80 percent of koalas`natural habitat has been destroyed, with the remaining 20 percent mostly on private land. With the development of this "prime sector "(housing, forestry, mining, agriculture), there is growing pressure.

At this time, the koala foundation came forward to map its habitat and locate each wild koala for regular conservation and management.

In the foundation, you cannot only see the habitat of koalas in detail, grow eucalyptus trees, but also adopt koalas and donate money to them regularly!


Your Koala Koala

Adopta Koala leads a little cute

Key: not to lead home Oh! Because they need the care of professionals and habitat, so it is monthly to give your baby money!

What will you get?

First! Don`t feed shovel shit every day! You can have a baby koala

When you adopt a koala, you will receive a beautiful personalized adoption certificate with your koala`s photo, a welcome letter, koala sticker and so on, and you can also pull up a name for your quiz!

If you`re in the area, you can also drop by the lovely koala you adopted.

koala is not a pet!

It`s a symbolic adoption of koalas, or "cloud adoption" program.


Each adoption plan has a 12-month cycle and you`re adopting a baby koala who lives in a zoo! (There are also some wild koalas)

But your donation, will be used to help all the wild koalas, is your baby`s brothers and sisters!

The options available on the website are baby animals, adult koalas, parents and children of baby koalas, or wild koalas.

Young or Adult Koala or Wild Koala:$30/month

Mother koala:$50/month

Each little cute has its own introduction, including gender, birthday, place of birth, living place, and even personality introduction!

You will pick to the best for you!

Nooka Gender: Girls

Date of birth:2017.04.19

Location: Paradise Country (Gold Coast, QLD)

Nooka is a lovely furry koala, widely regarded by managers as the cutest. Her petite head and expressive ears make Noca a vibrant little baby.

Nooka enjoys eating eucalyptus leaves so much that when old leaves are replaced by new ones, she makes a whoosh.

Jimmie Jams gender: boy

Date of birth:2018.03.10

Location: Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat, VIC)

Jimmie is an energetic young man, always pestering his mother, Ella, to ride on her back.

He likes eucalyptus leaves as much as he likes to swing around on a scale on a weighty day, even if it`s his turn. Jimmie is always cuddle-up, likes to meet new friends and shows off her beauty to visitors.


Wattle is a wild koala that represents all the koalas that live freely in the jungle today. Walter and all her friends enjoy quietly chewing gum leaves on the top of the eucalyptus, undisturbed by humans.

More dolls can be picked on the website.

Plant a eucalyptus tree

Everyone who claims to grow eucalyptus can leave their name on Quinlan`s wall of honor!

You can either plant a tree of your own or send it to your lover, whose name and your name will be left on Quinlan`s wall of honor when planting trees for your loved ones.

Donate Assistance to Koala

If you find raising koalas and planting trees too cumbersome, you can also choose to donate money on a direct website.

Official website:

Whisper BB: Human damage to nature, why let other creatures to bear.

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