The number of people diagnosed in the new state is less than 1,000, and the number of people diagnosed in the country has increased rapidly to 2396

2019-nCoV Special
[Social News]     25 Mar 2020
A total of 211 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed this morning by the New State Health authorities (Wednesday, February 25), bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 1,029. A record number of new confirmed COVID-19 virus-positive people in the new state within 24 hours.
The number of people diagnosed in the new state is less than 1,000, and the number of people diagnosed in the country has increased rapidly to 2396

The largest source of new coronavirus infections on the Princess Ruby cruise

Virginia also confirmed 55 new confirmed infections this morning, including a 30-year-old who developed a new crown pneumonia virus and is fighting death. The case reminds people that the virus is not only fatal to the elderly, it may also put young people to death.

By this afternoon, the total number of confirmed cases in the country had reached 2396, of which 1,029 were in New State ,466 in Virginia ,443 in Queensland ,197 in South Australia ,175 in Western Australia ,36 in ,44 in Capital Territory and 6 in Northern Territory.

Gladys Berejiklian, governor of the new state, said most people infected with the new crown virus were infected overseas or after direct contact with people infected overseas.

"This tells us that to some extent we are maintaining some control over the virus ," she said. "

A two-month-old baby boy and a seven-year-old girl were also diagnosed with the new crown virus, according to the New State Health Department. This is the first confirmed case of infection in the new state for children under 10 years of age.

Chief Medical Officer Chant (Kerry Chant) said the two children had mild illnesses and were currently being isolated from their homes.

Governor berry gecklen said he supported the new measures announced last night by prime minister morrison (Scott Morrison) to control the outbreak, further limiting social gatherings, but admitted that it would break the hearts of many people who lost their jobs.

She announced that 1,000 additional staff would be hired to assist the New State Service (Service NSW) to provide the public with information they "wanted to know ".

The New State Service has previously reported that some of its service centres have to reduce working hours due to staff shortages.

The health department yesterday confirmed that a seven-year-old woman died of the new crown virus on the ruby princess cruise ship after being infected by the new crown virus in sydney hospital, becoming the seventh new state and the eighth person in australia to die of new crown pneumonia.

Dr. chant said many of the 211 new coronavirus infections were linked to the ruby princess cruise that landed in sydney last week.

When asked whether the decision to allow passengers on the cruise ship to disembark and return home should be attributed to the Border Guard (ABF), Beriggiklian said :" All of us (government) must be held accountable. "

The new state government and federal government have been criticised for shirking responsibility for the cruise passenger`s decision to disband and return home after being allowed ashore.

A new state government will publish a report in the next few days on the decision of the ruby princess cruise passengers to disband and return home after they are allowed ashore.

Most of the passengers who were diagnosed with the infection were dismissed and returned home before they developed the virus, said mr. berrigiclin. She also confirmed, however, that one passenger was taken directly to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) after a cruise wharf.


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