Kunzhou minority resort: Nusa (Noosa): destination guide and traffic introduction

[Free Tour]     14 Dec 2019
Noosa, a small town on the sun coast, is not as well-known as the gold coast, but the local people love the resort. The greyhound bus has a number of buses to and from the Brisbane or Gold Coast to and from Nusa on a daily basis, with a one-way period of between 2.5 and 4 hours. Take a greyhound bus, go to Nusa's leisure and make a long vacation!

Nusa (Noosa), a small town in (Sunshine Coast) on Sunshine Coast, is not as famous as the Gold Coast, but locals love resorts. Greyhound buses run several times a day from Brisbane or Gold Coast to and from Nusa for 2.5 hours to 4 hours. Get on the greyhound bus and go to Nusa for a casual short holiday!

Nusa main Beach (Noosa Main Beach)

Nusa main Beach was named by Trip Advisor as one of the five most popular Australian beaches for tourists in 2017. Come to the seaside on holidays, bask in the sun, swim, surf, have a picnic, and be in a daze. It is worth mentioning that of the tens of thousands of beaches in Australia, Nusa main Beach is a relatively friendly place for newcomers to surf, and is also suitable for swimming with family and friends, where the waves are relatively flat and lifeguards patrol every day.

Hastings Street (Hastings Street)

Just a few steps from Nusa`s main beach is Hastings Street. In this commercial street adjacent to the beach, restaurants, bars, hotels, any one can see the beach and the sea. This street is still a good place to buy, gathered a lot of brand stores!

Nusa National Park (Noosa National Park)

Nusa National Park is very famous in Australia and an extremely important nature reserve. There are five hiking tracks in the park, ranging from 1 km to 8 km. Walking through rugged rock areas, dense tropical rainforests, coming to secluded beaches, climbing towering viewing platforms, and seeing koalas, emus, dolphins, whales and many other small animals and plants along the way.

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