explosion : map of the Lebanese port of Beirut

[International News]     08 Aug 2020
Lebanese capital Beirut port warehouse area on August 4 violent explosion, the capital extensive area disaster, near the sea buildings almost completely destroyed. By Friday (7 th), at least 154 people had been killed in the explosion and nearly 5000 injured. Below we show the difference between the front and back of the explosion through multiple satellite and aerial pictures.
explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut

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explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut


Prior to the incident, the cruise "Oriental Queen "(Orient Queen) originally docked hundreds of meters from the warehouse wharf. explosion caused the cruise to sink. According to cruise operator Abou Merhi Cruises, at least one crew member was killed and one person is still missing. The cruise company's office in wharf was explosion flattened.

explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut


The white building next to the wharf is a grain silo, which bears the brunt of the explosion.

Prof Genevieve Langdon, a professor of blasting and impact engineering at the University of a Sheffield in the United Kingdom, pointed out that the grain in the silo will be compressed by huge pressure, but it may also be absorbed and discharged. Except for the power of the explosion.

explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut


"As the shock wave hits the silo wall, a lot of energy may be dissipated ," she said. Without these grain silos, we expect worse damage to the area behind it. "

Aid agencies estimate that 300,000 people in Beirut have been displaced by the explosion, fearing food and drug shortages.

The President of Médecins sans frontières (MSF), Dr. Mego Tzian (Dr Mego Terzian), stated that the warehouse in Beirut for the storage of medicines and vaccine had been damaged. Located in the center of the city, Lebanon's largest hemodialysis center has been destroyed.

Dr. Tzian described the damage caused by the explosion as comparable to the 15-year civil war that erupted in 1975.

"We had similar difficulties during the civil war in Lebanon ," he told AFP. "

Currently, Lebanon's maritime trade can only be transferred to Tripoli (Tripoli), the country's second-largest port, with aid such as drugs and food, so that general goods are finally imported and exported. Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan are reportedly being transported to field hospitals.

A city center in Beirut, west of the explosion scene, has failed to escape the disaster, with shopping malls, restaurants and markets. Beirut's governor, Marwan Aboud, said the restoration of public property and monuments alone could cost billions of dollars.

explosion Lebanon

Within Mohammed al-Amin mosque, otherwise known as "Blue mosque "," the followers were also busy clearing the rubble. A few days ago they celebrated Eid al-Fitr (Eid).

A roman catholic bishop's hall of st george in beirut is also clearing explosion damage.

explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut


explosion :  map of the Lebanese port of Beirut


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