Morrison livecast responds to protesters: All Australian power plants are shut down and less than China's nine-day carbon emissions

[Current News]     13 Jan 2020
Last night, veteran firefighter Bill Slade,60, died during a firefight in the East Gippsland area and near Oreo. He was unlucky enough to be struck by a fallen tree. He has two children. Previously, on January 3, forest fire warden Mat Kavanagh died out of car accident; and on January 1, two others were killed in Virginia.

Last night, veteran firefighter Bill Slade,60, died in a firefight in the East Gippsland area and near Omeo.

He was unlucky enough to be struck by a fallen tree.

He has two children.

Previously, on January 3, forest fire warden Mat Kavanagh died out of car accident; and on January 1, two others were killed in Virginia.

The number of virginia`s mountain fires rose to four this summer and australia`s total of 27.

On Friday night, high winds had the momentum to propel a fire in Mt Buffalo, Virginia, toward the famous tourist town of Bright.

(Chart of Bright Resort)

Residents of Wandiligong and Harrietville near Bright were evacuated during the day yesterday.

(Bright Town)

The fire brigade said the classic wooden house in the tourist town would have to be left to God if it had been under a mountain fire.

The situation was once dangerous, but fortunately the crisis subsided late Friday night.

Some of Australia`s public names were still hyped yesterday to exaggerate the extent of the fire.

By 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, only one fire in the southern region of Goldie Spur had been marked with a red warning: Leaving now is the safest option, before conditions become too dangerous. Emergency Services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay.

So far,1.3 million hectares of land have gone over fire in the state, burning 285 houses.

Temperatures in the alpine region exceeded 40 degrees on Friday, with winds of 70km/h, where the blaze combined with a blaze in East Gippsland, but the subsequent rainfall eased the fire.

(Bandiana, the edge satellite town of Wodonga last night, was once dangerous)

Not far away, the East Ournie and Green Valley fires in New State combined, at one point over more than 250,000 hectares, to ease by Saturday morning.

On Saturday night, a forest fire in the Buckland Valley and Buffalo Hills areas of Virginia was once in a state of emergency warning.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts a storm in western Virginia next Wednesday or Thursday, followed by an eastward move to the forest fire zone.

Lisa Neveille, Director of Emergency Services, said:

This brings rapid flood and lightning to firefighters and emergency services In particular Danger, there have been such situations in the past.

Scientists say that the fire`s threat is now "in its final stages" and that the next concern is the test of the quality of animals and plants after the fire and the quality of drinking water.

Because rain inevitably scours ash and eroded soil from burned forests into rivers and streams, affecting vital freshwater ecosystems.

When the water is filled with tiny sediments and nutrient-rich foreign bodies, the water quality drops rapidly and remains in this state for a long time.

In an interview with Australia`s Guangzhou ABC in the morning, the host questioned whether Australia`s emission reduction target of reducing carbon emissions from 534 million tonnes to 511 million tonnes by 2030 was too small to lead by example.

It seemed as if he had deliberately "made the ball" to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister then responded by arguing that,

"What we can do is so limited that even if all of Australia`s coal-fired power plants are closed, China won`t stop burning fossil fuels; the cuts will catch up with China`s nine-day carbon emissions. Global emissions, they come from more than one country.

Liberal government is now interested in downplaying the link between forest fires and climate change in australia.

In the interview, however, Mr Morrison acknowledged that climate change did bring the possibility of more dry and hot summers, as well as the need to review some of the resilience in the face of wildfires.

But claims that Australia can still meet its emissions reduction targets without a carbon tax, raising electricity prices and shutting down traditional industries.

According to the data, Australia has the second-highest carbon emission per capita in the world, after the United States. Since September, Australia`s wildfires have emitted about 350 million tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to two-thirds of Australia`s annual emissions from anthropogenic sources.

The latest annual climate change performance index, published annually since 2005 by the New Climate Institute, a non-profit think tank, shows:

Among the 61 countries and regions, the United States ranks the bottom 1, China TW region the bottom 3, Australia the bottom 6, Canada the bottom 7, Japan the 51st, the performance is far behind many European, Asian, South American countries.

The list refers to four indicators: emissions of greenhouse gases, use of renewable energy, efficient use of energy and climate policy.

Australia has a climate policy score of 0, a renewable energy use score of 23(low), an effective energy use score of 39.8(low) and a reduction of 45.5(low).

Prime minister mr morrison has previously questioned the credibility of the ranking.

Tens of thousands of people were involved in demonstration parade in Melbourne and Sydney this weekend.

They test australian politicians indifferent to the environment, poor fire, call for an immediate stop to fuel burning, really start to help the forest fire disaster areas, and remove prime minister morrison.

People`s Daily this morning: I didn`t know China was so bad 33 years ago without the fire in Australia

China, as early as 33 years ago, in 1987, faced a huge disaster: a fire in the Daxing`an Mountains.

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