Educational differences between China and Australia: extreme Freedom under rigid rules

[Education News]     12 Nov 2019
A while ago, I was lucky enough to be a teacher with a tour of students. I visited BrontePublicSchool, Sydney, Australia, where I started a week of study. I am most impressed by the fact that what is very different from China is the teacher's educational concept and the parents' educational concept, which are strict but extremely free. It's like a elastic leather band, easy to put away.

In the first time, I had the privilege of being a group teacher with a learning student and visiting the Bronte Public School in Sydney, Australia, where a one-week study was started.

What impresses me most is the teacher`s idea of education and the parents`idea of education.

Educational differences between China and Australia: extreme Freedom under rigid rules

Difference 1: in winter in Australia, children are frozen and crying and can only wear summer school uniforms

In August in Sydney, Australia, there is a big temperature difference between morning and evening, summer in China, early winter there, almost 10 degrees 20 degrees. I wear a coat and sweater over there, while Australian children wear shorts and half-sleeves in the morning. Although Australian parents have paid more attention to exercising their children to resist the cold since their infancy, they will not let their children wear too much.

But in winter, it is really cold to wear shorts. I touched the hands of a few children because I was particularly curious. They were cold. When they asked if they were cold, they basically nodded their heads to show that they were very cold. Some children have red hands on their frozen knees, but because of the unified rules of the school, they must wear school uniforms.

I saw a child sitting in the rest area of the hallway, hugging himself with woolen gloves on his hands, shouting "It's so cold" and tears in his eyes.

Doesn`t the school have a thicker uniform in such cold weather? No, no! If you look at it, you can see that teachers and parents wear a lot of thin sweaters, protective jackets, and children are shorts. If this were put in the domestic parents would have blown up, but in foreign parents are very obedient to the rules of the school, it is true that very few parents to add extra clothes to their children, even if the addition must be consistent with the color of the school uniform, maybe this can really play a role in exercise, because I see two boys in the host family in junior high school, they are short-sleeved shorts in the morning, do not feel cold at all.

Educational differences between China and Australia: extreme Freedom under rigid rules

Since Australian parents pay special attention to the privacy of their children`s portraits, I will have a mosaic.

Difference 2: caution is greater than human feelings, and the rules are so strict

My two students are in the same class as the daughter of their host family. Lily, the daughter of the host family, had an extracurricular class at school that day, so their parents planned to pick up 1.1 late. The two of us had our neighbors picked up on our behalf. The daughters of the neighbors were also in the same class as the three girls, and everyone knew each other. However, when the teacher heard about it, it was strictly required that our two children must be picked up by the host parents, and the neighbors could not. As a result, the parent had to come to school twice before and after.

May also be more cautious, our teachers also feel that this is more secure, after all, and these parents are not familiar with, if put in the country, teachers all know, verification will let you pick up. However, it is very cautious to do things basically in Australia.

Difference 3: if you are extremely free, you will break the rules? It`s too much to worry about.

In China, kindergarten and even primary school students are required to pose during class. I think we all remember when we were young, sitting straight on your waist, your hands on the table, and sitting politely. If you want to go to the bathroom in class, you have to report, and the teacher will also think that courseware is the time to solve personal problems. In Australia, the opposite is true. First of all, children do not sit in rows as they do in China, and teachers may not be speaking on their feet. Usually in the story class, the teacher takes a small stool to sit in the corner of the classroom, the children sit on the ground, all posture is surrounded by a ball, you can use whatever posture you want, as long as you do not disturb others, do not affect the teacher`s speech. If you want to go to the bathroom in the middle of class, there is a rule in Australia. No matter what you go out to do, you don`t have to say hello to the teacher. The children here also follow the rules.

But if you always disturb the teacher in class and influence other students, then the teacher will let you be the bench. The teacher will let the troublesome child sit in the corner and stay away from the collective. When the child knows how to obey the rules, he will call it back.

Educational differences between China and Australia: extreme Freedom under rigid rules

Difference 4: after looking at Australian parents, I finally know why only Chinese children indulge in mobile phones

In China, not to mention junior high school, primary school kindergartens indulge in countless children, parents are also unable to help, especially worried, trying everything they can to get their children to quit their mobile phones. But it basically doesn`t work. The students in my group, whether they are junior high school students or fourth and fifth graders, fly and take buses, as long as they are not asleep, they are basically playing mobile phones and playing single-machine games for several hours.

As soon as I asked, it turned out that I was not allowed to play with my cell phone at home.

But what about the children of Australia? Junior high school students basically do not play with their own mobile phones. Australian primary school students are surprised to see that Chinese primary school students run to the lounge to play with their mobile phones as soon as they arrive at the courseware. When I got back to the host family, I saw that the host parents` work phone was Nokia with old buttons, and the work phone was separate from the home phone. Adults can hardly use mobile phones at home. Computers are the most used during work. And whether in the streets, shopping malls, there are few people playing with mobile phones to watch mobile phones, but in China, there are many, walking also play.

Educational differences between China and Australia: extreme Freedom under rigid rules

Perhaps the difference in playing mobile phones between Chinese and Australian children ultimately comes from the differences between parents and the overall environment. We build our lives in the online world, and they build friendships and, relationship. In real life.

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