Director of Kunzhou: Morrison is just the 'prime minister' of the new state

[Current News]     30 Dec 2019
Gov. Annastacia Palaszczuk (left) and Aussie Prime Minister Stephen Morrison (right) have adamantly denied that he rejected Prime Minister Scott Morrison's offer of a grant to volunteer firefighters in the state, AP reported.
Director of Kunzhou: Morrison is just the 'prime minister' of the new state

Governor of Kunst State Parazuk (left) with Australian Prime Minister Stephen Morrison (right).

State Governor Parazouk (Annastacia Palaszczuk) has firmly denied that he has rejected Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) `s offer of subsidies to volunteer firefighters in Kunzhou, the Australian news agency reported.

"As with other volunteer firefighters across the country, the state`s volunteer firefighters deserve the same level of federal government support," Palazuk said in a statement. "

"I made this clear in my phone communication with the Prime Minister on Saturday night. The state did not reject the proposal. "I will write to the Prime Minister, as I said," she said. "

Mr. morrison announced on sunday that volunteer firefighters battling the state`s long-running forest fire would receive up to $6000 in an economic grant because they put their lives at risk.

At the same time, Morrison extended the subsidy program to other states and territories that want to participate. Federal government allocated A $50 million for this purpose.

But the Courier-Mail claims the governor of the state of Kunst has rejected a proposal to grant up to $6,000 in subsidies to volunteer firefighters and has alluded to Mr Morrison`s disappointment at Mr Palazuk`s rebuff.

Morrison told the Courier-Mail earlier:" If Queensland government decides to accept a federal offer, any eligible Queenslander will not miss... Disappointingly, after last night`s positive discussions with the governor, the state`s Labour Party responded. "

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