New Zealand Prime Minister Adean visits Australia to call for a halt to deportation of New Zealand criminals

[Current News]     28 Feb 2020
Prime Minister Adène, left, and Prime Minister Morrison, right, meet in Sydney for talks with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, who arrived in Sydney yesterday (Friday) afternoon and at this noon for talks with Scott Morrison, who has called on Australia to stop the repatriation of New Zealanders who have already lived a long life in the country.

Prime Minister Adean (left) talks with Prime Minister Morrison (right) in Sydney

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who arrived in Sydney yesterday (Friday) afternoon and held talks with Scott Morrison at noon today, has called on Australia to stop the deportation of New Zealanders who have been living in the country for so long.

Before talks between Australia and New Zealand`s prime ministers, she spoke in the morning with the new state`s governor, Gladys Berejiklian, who she told was "deeply" empathised by the people of New Zealand during the summer bushfire in the new state.

Prime minister adrn said he hoped the new state would not only work together to tackle natural disease, but also strengthen bilateral economic and trade ties.

Governor Berridge Klein warmly welcomed Prime Minister Adean`s visit and thanked the people of New Zealand and Prime Minister Adean for their support during the forest fire crisis.

Prime Minister Adean then went to the Governor`s House of Australia to meet with Governor David Hurley and then to attend talks with Prime Minister Morrison.

Before the talks, she said that her conversations with Morrison were more frequent than any other country`s leader, saying:" We`re often just trying to solve the problem (and talk) directly ".

But that does not mean there are no contentious issues between the two sides. In addition to angering new zealanders from new zealand, who have been forced to return to their homeland, the prime ministers of the two countries have been very different in their stance on climate change and their goal of introducing carbon "net zero emissions" by 2050, especially when adrn came to australia after a visit to fiji. But she said she would not propose a response to climate change during talks between the two prime ministers in Sydney.

New zealand strongly advocates more action to stop climate change, and australia often defends its continued development of the fossil-energy industry, despite being criticized by the south pacific island.

Adean stressed that one of the main elements of her talks with Prime Minister Morrison would be the hundreds of New Zealanders who had been returned to their places of origin after having been released from prison for felonies, some of whom, although born in the country, had been permanently settled in Australia and had little connection with New Zealand.

One of the most famous cases is the father of Australian rugby alliance (AFL) star Dustin Martin. His father was forcibly deported after being released from prison for being a member of the Rebels motorcycle party, despite living in Australia for 20 years.

But mr morrison`s government has insisted on holding back on this policy stance, having been candidly told new zealand government not to hold any unrealistic hopes for a change policy.

However Adean also insists there is a special link between Australia and its two neighbours, meaning "our two countries will support each other when they need it."

Mr. Adehn`s face-to-face remarks at the talks taught Mr. Morrison that the release of New Zealand-based criminals is Australia`s own problem and that they should not be "deported" to New Zealand.

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