Visa 491 small business category big contrast, QLD VSTAS.

[Immigration News]     06 Jan 2020
Since the new visa 491 replaces 489 on November 16, every state has launched a variety of good policies. Today we will read for you the requirements and advantages of the 491 Kunzhou small business category and Tazhou small business category. On December 11, the Kunzhou small business category 491 visa officially opened!

Since the replacement of 489 with a new visa of 491 on november 16th, states have been pushing for a variety of positive policies. Today we`ll read for you the requirements and advantages of the 491 small business category in kunzhou and the small business category in tazhou.

Visa 491 small business category big contrast, QLD VSTAS.

On december 11, kunzhou small business category 491 visa officially robbed!

Queensland government announced on December 11,2019 that the 491 small business category officially began to accept the invitation and published the application requirements.

Key requirements for the application are as follows:

1. Meet the basic requirements of DHA for all 491 visas, i.e. under 45 years of age,65 for skilled immigrants, equivalent to 4 IELTS 6 or other recognized English examinations, with occupation on the 491 occupation list (all 491 positions are available) with vocational assessment;

2. The applicant has a business background or relevant business qualification that meets the requirements (please contact us to assess whether your condition meets the requirements);

3. The need to invest more than 100,000 Australian dollars in the purchase of a business in a region other than Brisbane in the Queensland;

4. Business operations do not necessarily have the same responsibilities as nominated posts;

5. Applicants are required to hold 100% of the shares in the business;

6. There are no requirements or restrictions for the type of business;

7. Business operations for six months;

8. To hold a full-time work visa (e.g.485 visa, e.g. student visa accompanying study visa, etc.);

9. Employ a local employee who works at least 20 hours a week;

10. Accept only onshore applicants.

Key requirements for TA 491 small business categories are as follows

1. Residence and business location requirements

As you know, the small business ohner category was a boon to many applicants who had small businesses in australia but had difficulty meeting the investment immigration requirements, with low barriers and access to skilled immigrants, low costs, time and many benefits. In the age of 489, the state of ta is allowing interstate applicants, or friends living in other states, to apply. Now the state not only requires applicants to live in the state when submitting their application, but also to prove that they have been in business for at least six months!

2. Business ownership requirements

The 489-era state of ta only requires applicants to take shares in their businesses and manage them when applying, and there is no requirement for how much. Now, taiwan`s 491 policy requires applicants to take a 100% stake in the business, and joint ventures with others are not accepted!

3. Type of business requirements

Previously, the state had no requirements for the 489 applicant`s type of business, and now explicitly mentions that the chain business and the share-owned business alone are not acceptable. At the same time, service stations, massage clinics, and taxi or Uber related business types are not recognized!

4. Income requirements

Like other categories, the small business category adds revenue requirements to its original base. Applicants want to prove to state government that the business is likely to bring you at least $53,900 a year for at least three of the next five years.

5. Additional requirements

In addition to the above requirements, the state will also consider the applicant`s shareholding in previous business, management experience, business content and its long-term impact on the state to decide whether to invite the applicant, the state said.

Lawer Reminder

Kunju 190 is still closed, and after a long period of closure, only half a day is closed because of a shortage of places.

So now visa491 is the only way out for students who want to apply for kunzhou guarantee. In addition to the 491 small business category, there are three other streams in kunzhou, and the application requires you to contact us for consultation.

And the state`s 491 small-business category has excluded most of the applicants, who are likely to apply for state support under the previous 489 conditions. Once again: immigrants - before long!

If you don`t know anything about kunzhou and tazhou 491, please contact us.

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