Australian radio anchors lambaste government 'cave in' to China

[Current News]     24 Feb 2020
Mitchell is today heavily targeting a range of China-related issues. (3AW) Neil Mitchell, a leading Australian radio anchor, has lashed out at Australia's response to the new coronary pneumonia, criticizing government, universities and one of Melbourne's elite high schools for "succumbing to" China.

Mitchell is today heavily targeting a range of China-related issues. (3AW)

Neil Mitchell, Australia`s leading radio anchor, lashed out at Australia`s response to the new crown pneumonia, criticizing government, universities and one of Melbourne`s elite high schools for "succumbing to" China.

Mitchell is the 3AW radio morning program anchor. "We say we are a proud nation," he said on Monday morning`s program, according to Radio 3AW. We say we just stand up for ourselves and don`t give in to anyone... Um... anyone except China. "

"Australia is now mired in a cultural all-out retreat, kowtowing to China. "

"This is based on the new coronavirus and money. We do not want to offend China and do not want to risk losing their students, their markets and their purchasing power. "

Mr Mitchell also claims that federal and Victorian government, universities and the Caulfield Grammar are on the Chinese side, not the interests of Australia, after the outbreak.

"We need Chinese business, but at the moment we are selling our national dignity, we are selling our principles and there is no national pride at all," he said. "

"We`re going to choose between good faith and money, and now it`s money that has the upper hand. "

"It may endanger our health. "

The Colliefield Grammar School was the target of Mitchell`s bombardment because its graduate student, Australia`s elite swimmer, Mack Horton, used to criticise China`s Sun Yang for ditching plans to name the new swimming facility.

"Horton, the great Olympic champion, the lovely man, the decent man, the graduates of the school, the advocate of clean sports, the anti-drug-checking guy, that`s the problem," Mitchell said. "

"The Coleyfield Grammar School is on the payroll for the sake of money! They have a campus in China, and they have Chinese students, so they rank second. "

Mr mitchell also condemned federal government for not tightening its travel ban on china to stop chinese travelers from entering australia and for universities to find ways for chinese students to come to australia.

"We have allowed 1,100 students to bypass the travel ban and come here regardless. "

"The University of Western Sydney even gives those students $1,500 per person so they can bypass the travel ban through third country transit! "

Moreover, Victorian government lit up Melbourne`s landmarks in red on Friday to show support for the Chinese community, which has also come under fire from Mitchell, saying "these aren`t [criticisms] of the Chinese people, I`m criticizing their government, I`m criticizing our government and I`m certainly criticizing the decision on Horton." "

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