Australia's secret territory of Uuru, Cooper Pedy, through the Red Soil Centre traffic strategy

[Free Tour]     11 Feb 2020
The Australian Red Soil Center, a mysterious Pure Land. Being in the inaccessible, endless Red Desert is like being on a distant Mars. Ururu boulder:{{[[] place & quot;{{[]:& quot; DB5CA25A-01E5-EEB6-0B1B-CEF65387C969& quot;}}

The Australian Red Soil Center, a mysterious Pure Land. Being in the inaccessible, endless Red Desert is like being on a distant Mars.

Ururu boulder:

The Uluru giant, which stands on the red land, is the legendary "center of the world," where tens of thousands of visitors come every year to see only its daunting true face. Watching the Uluru boulders in the halo of morning and dusk and color change is one of the most memorable experiences to come to Australia.

Uluru Primordial Starlight Show:

In the wilderness, which occupies the equivalent of seven football fields, it is made up of half a million tubes that rely entirely on solar glow, blooming like flowers. With the ingenious combination of nature and technology, originality and modernity, the design of the walkway has a unique mind, bringing visitors into the landscape. The exhibition, open to the public from April 1,2016, has been extended until the end of 2020, and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy this outstanding art installation exhibition.

Cooper Pedy:

Cooper pedy is a deserted place, looking at it as if it were the end of the world, so it`s the scene of a sci-fi blockbuster.

The city here is built underground: homes, hotels, shops and churches are carved into underground caves, making them a habitable home for humans.

One of Australia`s national treasures," Auberg," is another big attraction for Cooper Pedy, from which 70% of the world`s Aubergs come to see the mining boom!

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Route through the Red Soil Centre:

Day 1: Take the Greyhound bus from Adelaide to Cooper Pedy

Travel:11 hours and 11 minutes

Day 2-4: You have plenty of time to explore Cooper Pedy, go down to the mine, visit the underground church, visit the desert red soil, and watch the most beautiful sunset...

Day 5: Take the Greyhound bus from Cooper Pedy to Alice Springs

Travel:7 hours and 40 minutes

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