Assistance to Temporary Immigrants in Australia of benefits, extension of visa

2019-nCoV Special
[Immigration News]     26 Mar 2020
If non-permanent residents in Australia lose their jobs and are unable to return to their home country, Morrison (Scott Morrison) government may grant them special benefits and extend their visas.

After the new crown outbreak, Morrison government or will provide assistance to some temporary residents. (SBS picture)

If non-permanent residents in Australia lose their jobs and are unable to return to their home country, Morrison (Scott Morrison) government may grant them special benefits and extend their visas.

According to the Aussie newspaper, government Morrison is working on a plan that includes some form of subsidy for temporary immigrants facing unemployment in industries such as tourism and hotel services. Under the strict "restraining order ", the related industry faces the hard-hit predicament.

Despite "Aussies first ", government still seek to relocate highly skilled temporary migrants who can not return to their country of nationality to places of high demand, including remote areas.

Temporary visa holders may also be eligible for special benefits if they face economic difficulties under special benefits (Special Benefit Payment) and a new crown benefit of $550 every two weeks. Temporary residents with spouse visas (Partner Visa), temporary humanitarian visas (Temporary Humanitarian Visa), etc.

However, it is estimated that 1.5 million persons with temporary visas do not have access to government services, and only some of those in distress are eligible.

The acting immigration minister, Alan Tudge, said that while government will give priority to Australians, it is also trying to help temporary residents who will suffer during their stay in Australia. "This is an unprecedented crisis, and we understand that thousands of Australians will lose their jobs as the industry closes down. There is no doubt that companies with the ability to continue hiring should give priority to them. Our focus is on keeping the jobs of Australians as we fight the effects of the new crown virus. "

"We are also aware that there are a number of temporary visa holders in Australia who are unable to return home or who have skills that are highly needed during the crisis, including in the areas of health care, geriatric care, agriculture and other essential services. we are paying attention and have been working with the industry to provide greater flexibility in visa and related conditions. The aim is to ensure that businesses can continue to operate and that temporary migrants can help Australia while remaining self-reliant in the crisis. "

Australia`s government will help temporary migrants in distress, mr tudge said. (Photo of Aussie)

Currently, all temporary or transitional visa holders in Australia are not eligible for ordinary benefits, except those holding a protected special category visa (Protected Special Category) and arriving before February 2001, such as income and disability benefits.

The President of the Australian Immigration Council (Migration Council Australia), Wilshire (Carla Wilshire), welcomed the government`s readiness to extend a helping hand to temporary migrants who would otherwise have no access to welfare facilities. "government measures taken so far to provide job choices for students and to consider the needs of temporary migrants should be appreciated. "

"Nevertheless, as the full impact of COVID-19 on economic and society emerges, we need to start considering safeguards for all visa categories. We need to take into account everyone who remains in our territory. We need to act quickly to ensure that all people have basic security whole network. whether they are citizen 、 permanent residents or holders of temporary or transitional visas. "

At the same time, he proposed that authorities there was a need to approve the extension of all temporary visa categories for a period of 6 to 12 months and that emergency support and basic income support should be provided to many temporary visa holders who would lose their livelihood.

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