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[Life Information]     16 Feb 2020
The night before yesterday, Rebecca, a long-lost fellow townsman, suddenly sent me two voice lines saying she wanted to help me, and she couldn't think of a better one for the time being except for me. Rebecca, who usually has nothing to drink and a gourmet essay, is helpful and popular enough to meet a bunch of Sydney restaurateurs.

The night before yesterday, Rebecca, a long-lost fellow townsman, suddenly sent me two voice lines saying she wanted to help me, and she couldn`t think of a better one for the time being except for me.

Rebecca, who usually has nothing to drink and a gourmet essay, is helpful and popular enough to meet a bunch of Sydney restaurateurs.

Rebecca`s social app hasn`t stopped since Australia was restricted by the outbreak, and it`s all about bosses`requests for help.

Once only worried about the "low attendance" business, at this time, close to the immediate closure of the crisis, so that countless restaurant cannot sleep at night. The crisis came too fast, like a tornado, inseparable from the storm circle, too late to escape.

And so I hit the spot with Rebecca.

Within 48 hours, we have gathered businesses to gather information and compile today`s list of 17 takeaway restaurants in Sydney!

These restaurants are likely to have familiar names;

Perhaps you have been here, and students after the final dinner to celebrate;

Perhaps you`ve used this as a secret for solitude at night,

Perhaps, you are here, because found the taste of home and feeling. ..

Today, when they encounter operational difficulties, would you like to extend a helping hand to help them? Just need you and the friends around you hungry, the next single, eat a single on the Internet, your hands are likely to become a straw for others.

All right, don`t talk too much, start introducing.

This list is divided by region, first of all coming to you because the rumors are most affected by Eastwood.

Xiaoen Shanghai focuses on the management of all kinds of traditional snacks and snacks in Shanghai, delicious shepherd`s purse fresh meat big wonton, extinct river valve small wonton, fried juice small cage bag, raw fried bag, pot paste and so on.

All goods can take out! However, it is more recommended that guests choose our frozen goods, the price is more favorable, easy to save and ensure the taste of the meal. Distributions are available in all parts of Sydney, starting at different rates and no extra meals.

? Order time:8am-11pm per day

? Contact for takeaway: social app search: seanwonton

? Delivery time:8am-11pm per day, scheduled delivery time

? Open hours:8am~10pm

? Address:172 Rowe Street, Eastwood (opposite Chemistwarehouse, pedestrian street)

Outside the village there are starlight Sichuan cuisine specialties, such as bullfrog, crayfish, water lobster, water crab.

Recently, even though they have been struggling, they have been enthusiastically serving 50 meals a day for home-separated families within five kilometers of Eastwood. Send driver free delivery to home!

Free meals for self-segregated families? ?

The family that especially just got off the plane. If you`re in a particularly mountainous area, ask with social app, who are happy to help more families. YNP finds them admirable!

? Meals for take-out: no meals for five kilometres near Eastwood,$40 for consumption including (MQ Rhodes wwp)

? Delivery time:12:30am-21:00pm

? Contact for takeaway: wechat ID: huashijan

? Open for meals:6 days, closed on Thursday

Home spring cake is a northern dish, the main food color including spring cake series and home small fried. Come to the restaurant and take out!

? Opening hours:11:00-15:00


? Meals for take-out: No meals are available near Eastwood, or you can place an order using the "Sydney delivery app"

? Delivery time:2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

? Contact information for take-out:0433449908

? Address:223 ROWESTATE WOOD

The main features of the door shop are hong kong-style rim furnace, which is made of raw and sea fresh.

Take-out main dishes are: fangs go to the ground fangs, wormwood coconut fangs, Australian M7 small steak, thin cut black edge Bao.

The good luck edge furnace door shop may have the hall food, you may also order the take-out to send home!

? Delivery time:30-45 minutes

? Contact for takeaway: EASI Sydney delivery

? Shop discount:8.8% for food and night, good members can enjoy pot bottom half price.

? Shop 2/31-37 Dixon St, Haymarket, Sydney Chinatown.

Treasure main Cantonese cuisine, Hong Kong cuisine, the most famous is cooking rice Oh! Treasures can be eaten or taken out.

And take-out main push vegetable color: cooking rice: emperor bone cooker rice, wax flavor cooking rice, mushroom smooth chicken cooking rice (any pair of rice)

Rice / Soup Noodles / Rasha / Pasta Choices: brisket, seafood, Yuntun, black pepper beef / chicken, roast duck / roast meat / fork

Choice of curry rice: pork chop, chicken steak, brisket, chicken, fish willow

? Contact information for takeaway: Sydney delivery, Panda takeaway, Palm Australia

? Delivery time:10am-8.30pm

? Open hours:10am-8.30pm

? Shop detail address: Level 1 Shop F5,401 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000(Chinatown Sussex Center food court)

Biographis is a Chaoshan beef hot pot, you can come to the hall food, or take-out hot pot. Take-out dishes are: beef hotpot, casserole porridge, Chaoshan specialty snacks (beef cooker, oysters, beef noodles)

? Meal rates for take-out: see Sydney for more details.

? Delivery time:12:00-22:00

? Contact:0292810088

? Open for:12:00-22:00

? Shop Details Address: Shop E,438 Sussex St Haymarket

The next meal master Sichuan dishes stir-fried and crayfish, currently only take-out, cannot eat. Take-out of the main dishes: with the name of the small fried pepper meat, easily beat the full Sydney full of crayfish cover rice, blue and white pepper pickled fish, gold flavor big bone soup Spicy Hot Pot.

? Delivery charge:30 distribution free

? Delivery time:30 min

? Contacts for take-out are social app: ricebarsyd, and orders for food delivery app and panda app in sydney.

? Discount: One order for sweet sugar ice cream

? Shop details: Chippendale (City)

The seafood is the most flavorful Sichuan cuisine in the southern hemisphere. Takeout of the main dishes: signature big meat crab, fresh crayfish, a sea on the tip of the tongue, chopped pepper fish head.

? Delivery fee:30 K $free

? Delivery time:30 min

? Contacts for takeaways are social app: hifres hsyd, which can also place orders for food delivery app and panda app in sydney.

? Discount: One order for sweet sugar ice cream

Jilin people is a northeast restaurant, online almost all dishes can take-out, offline can eat.

Jilin people are very grateful for your support and encouragement, especially During the period, we will provide free delivery service (within half an hour`s drive from jilin family).

All customers who come to our restaurant to eat, please confirm with the waiter that they have not entered and left China in the last two weeks, the store regularly disinfects every day, together to create a healthy, clean and comfortable dining environment, thank you for your support!

? Room fee for takeaway: Chatswood within 10 minutes of walking (Jilin home) free of charge

? Delivery time:11:30-20:00

? Contact information for takeaway:80544266

? Discount: One special offer per day for Sydney,$50 for a sauce spine!

? Open for:10:00-21:30

Quarrel pops up in Sydney! Sydney`s first authentic Sichuan fried string, Australia local fresh ingredients? Domestic secret halogen oil, welcome to the shop to taste oh ~

? Shop Details: Shop 3,422 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067, Near Train Station Chemist Warehouse

? Open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cat-in-law Chatswood store can eat a variety of Chongqing noodles, you can go to the shop to eat or order take-out. The main dishes for take-out: Chongqing cold noodles, pea noodles, husband and wife lung slices, saliva chicken, pepper chicken and so on.

? Open for:11:30-15:30,17:00-21:00

? Delivery: Chatswood Area, No

? Delivery time: Monday - Sunday,4-6 p.m.

? Contact:0450070811

? Special store offers:30 minus 5 bucks

? Shop details:88 Archer St, Chatswood

The five elements are short of strings. Can eat or take-out, take-out of the main vegetable color lamb kebabs, palm treasure, crude oil lamb waist, roast beef chest oil, roasted eggplant, roasted thousands of layers of bean skin.

There are three branches in the five missing lines, with an especially wide delivery area, north to Hornsby, south to Mascot, Wolli Creek, Maroubra, west to the northwestern mountainous area, and east to Bondi. There are also good insulation measures to ensure the receipt of hot kebabs.

? Open Tuesday - Sunday 5:00-11:00 pm; closed on Monday

? Meal delivery: Full delivery free

? Delivery from 5:30 to 11:00 pm

? Contact information for take-out social app number skewersgo-chatswood

? Shop discount:60 yuan to send dishes or the day discount baked goods

? Shop Details Address: Shop3,77 Archer Street, Chatswood

Rhodes, a north-based home-based restaurant in Beijing, can serve food and take-out, and take out the main dishes: sheep scorpion hot pot, belly explosion, boiled hot pot, boiling meat fire.

? Open hours:11:00-22:00(21:30 last order)

? Meals for takeaway: No Rhodes area

? Delivery time:12:00pm-21:30pm

? Contact:0425 258 128,

? Shop Details: Shop4/7 Rider Boulevard Rhodes NSW 2138

Dalong old hot pot Burwood shop is a take-out hot pot shop, the main dishes are: butter soup bottom, Sichuan snacks, hot pot dishes and so on, you can also eat, all dishes now enjoy a 7.8% discount.

? Open for food:11:45-15:0017:00-23:45

? Meals for take-out: no in burwood district

? Delivery time:11:45-15:0017:00-23:45

? Contacts for takeaway: Sydney delivery, in-store social app or tel.0451708585(Burwood district only)

? Shop Details Address:53 Burwood rd Burwood NSW 2134

Sanpomen Sanfeng noodles, a Japanese noodle shop, is now dominated by food.

? Shop Details Address: Hurstville Central Shopping Centre

? Open 11:00am-10:00pm

At "Lino," you can enjoy the most delicious Shanghai street snacks, with authentic North China cuisine," Lino" offers a range of specialties including pasta, dumplings and other delicious dishes full of traditional cooking skills.

You can eat in the hall or take out, take out the main dishes: raw fried bag, paper package fried veal, spicy especially fried rice, fish shredded meat. Now, flavor lamb ribs half price, Tang live fish and crab half price.

? Room: Sydney Room app

? Delivery fee for delivery with Sydney delivery

? Delivery time 11:30-20:30

? Delivery Contact:(02)89646797

? Open 11:30-20:30

? Shop Details: Food Court Level, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Area Macquarie Park

| Shu Xiang Fang |

Sydney`s oldest and most hearty Sichuan cuisine, from the chef team to the ingredients allmade in Sichuan! Dishes from traditional authentic Sichuan cuisine to new fusion dishes, everything!

At present, there are three options for take-out: Mapo tofu rice, Kung Pao chicken rice, small fried beef rice. Some of the store`s revenues will be donated to the Wuhan epidemic.

? Open for meals:12-2.30-9.30

? Take-out: Take-away (if the distance is very close, the quantity is big, may communicate with the store manager).

If you want to enjoy more Shu Xiang Fang other dishes, you can also in [EASI ],[ palm Australia] platform order oh ~ distribution fee free!

? Delivery Time: All Business Hours

? Contact: Sydney Area ~

Shu Xiang Fang city shop

Tel:0410 166 668

Address:2 Cunningham St.Sydney 2000 NSW

Shu Xiang Fang glebe Shop

Tel:0433 936 668

Address:1-9glebe point Rd. Glebe 2037 NSW

Are you familiar with your favorite faces at 17 takeaway restaurants in the above regions? Do you have a glimpse of your options? If yes, don`t hesitate to place an order!

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