Official Chinese designation of Wuhan as 'unsealed' on April 8

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[International News]     24 Mar 2020
Tianan-men square, beijing © network author: xiaoshan central announced yesterday that "the spread of the local epidemic has been largely blocked ," reuters said china's prevention and control of the outbreak in hubei province, located in the center of the epidemic, announced that since march 25,00:00 outside wuhan city, and in the eye of the outbreak, wuhan city will be lifted two weeks later, on...

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Following yesterday`s central announcement that "the spread of the local epidemic has been largely blocked ," reuters said good news came from china`s prevention and control of the epidemic: hubei province, located in the center of the epidemic, announced that it would lift access control outside of wuhan city from march 25, and that wuhan, which is in the eye of the epidemic, would lift the closure two weeks later, on april 8. Yesterday central television station (CCTV) aid north lake health committee deputy director tu Yuanchao said, according to the state health and health committee monitoring of "Fuyang" patients and experts preliminary research, at present has not found "Fuyang" patients infected with the phenomenon, but has deployed designated hospitals to "Fuyang" patients for clinical observation.

According to reuters, more than two months since the closure of wuhan april 8," unseal "will promote the division of conditional resumption of production.

The report said it was two months after wuhan began to "seal the city" at 10:00 on january 23. However central noting that "the risk of sporadic cases and local outbreaks remains ," wuhan yesterday added a confirmed case of doctors, do not rule out nosocomial infection, superimposed on the spread of overseas outbreaks, the risk of increased input means that china can not take lightly whether to prevent the recurrence of local outbreaks or overseas imports.

Hubei province`s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued a notice on tuesday, from april 8,00:00, wuhan lifted control measures away from the han and e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-way, orderly resumption of external traffic, leaving han people with hubei health code "green code" safe and orderly flow.

Wuhan city according to the situation of risk assessment of epidemic situation, under the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, promote enterprise division classification, classification timesharing, conditional resumption of production. And outside Wuhan city, will be lifted from March 25 00:00 exit Hubei channel control, orderly resumption of external traffic, leaving Hubei personnel with Hubei health code "green code" safe and orderly flow. As for people from other provinces coming to Hubei and Han dynasties, they flow safely and orderly throughout the province with the provincial health code or Hubei health code "green code ", without the need to provide separate health certificates (except for those who really can not apply for health codes), mobile certificates, application approval forms or receipt certificates for the places of entry, vehicle passes, etc.

The report said yesterday that the Premier of the State Council and the head of the leading group of the central to respond to the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia Li Keqiang presided over a meeting of the leading group, said that at present, the spread of local outbreaks in Wuhan as the main battlefield has been basically blocked, but sporadic cases and local outbreaks of the risk still exists, the epidemic in the world, the situation is still complex and severe, to keep a clear mind, must not be taken lightly. It is necessary to implement the overall prevention and control strategy of "external defense input, internal defense rebound ", and maintain the hard-won prevention and control results.

Wuhan city health and health commission said earlier, march 23, a new confirmed case in the city, the patient is the provincial people`s hospital (headquarters) doctor, the recent work in the hospital, not excluding nosocomial infection. On March 23,0-24 hours, the city`s fever clinic received 345 visits ,11 fewer than the previous day ,210 of them first. On 23 March ,10,441 people were tested for nucleic acid.

Yesterday, china`s domestic financial media-cai xin reported that the disease control department confirmed that the "national and provincial cdc task force on the suspension of the departure from e-o, the notice" is true. Citing a insider from china`s cdc, the report said the suspension of the withdrawal of the cdc team was a state-level "temporarily uneasy about the situation in wuhan and hubei ", allowing the epidemic prevention team to stay on guard for a few days.

Reuters points to more worrying cases of asymptomatic new crown virus infections. If the zero increase in confirmed cases can be maintained and stabilized, the next step of the disease control team can withdraw. The report quoted experts on disease control said ," now can also detect a few cases or more than a dozen asymptomatic positive, can not judge whether the transmission of Wuhan completely blocked ".

Hubei provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued the above notice on march 20, requesting local new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters to coordinate the the state and provincial aid Hubei disease control teams to suspend the departure from Hubei, according to the original plan to undertake the relevant work business; the time of departure from Hubei by the central guidance group control group after the determination of notice.

However, the CCTV news Weibo quoted the National Health and Health Commission forward working group prevention and control group of community prevention and control expert group leader Wu Hao said, do not aid Hubei disease control team to suspend the withdrawal of the misunderstanding as the epidemic rebound or aggravation. The CDC team came along with the provincial medical teams. The two tasks of the CDC team in Hubei Province are to prepare for the resumption of work, to deal with the emergency plan and to kill the labor before birth, and to train the relevant medical and administrative personnel throughout Hubei, with the aim of leaving a CDC team capable of fighting well.

Tu Yuanchao, deputy director of the central Television (CCTV) Aid-Lubei Health and Health Commission, said yesterday that according to the National Health and Health Commission`s surveillance of patients with Fuyang and preliminary studies by experts, no infectious phenomenon of patients with Fuyang has been found at present, but designated hospitals have been deployed to conduct clinical observation of patients with Fuyang, and disease control departments have been asked to conduct epidemiological follow-up investigations on patients, and relevant scientific institutions have conducted virus training or viral load monitoring of patients` samples to further clarify the infectious problems of patients with Fuyang.

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