Sydney Double Sightseeing Bus (Downtown + Bondi Beach) route, full tour and ticket purchase.(1)

[Free Tour]     20 Dec 2019
As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney not only has a unique Australian natural style, and its cultural and urban culture attracts a large number of visitors every year. As the first big city in Australia, its level of consumption is also the first place in Australia, so the 24/48-hour tour bus will be a good choice for sightseeing with respect to the expensive public transport mode in Sydney. ...
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Sydney, as the capital of New South Wales, not only has Australia`s unique natural style, but also attracts a large number of tourists to visit its humanistic culture and urban culture every year. As Australia`s largest city, its consumption level is naturally the highest in Australia, so compared with Sydney`s expensive public transport mode, 24 / 48 hours of follow-up sightseeing bus will be a good choice for sightseeing. Sydney sightseeing bus is operated by City Seesighting Wordwide Company, one ticket contains two routes, Sydney downtown (red car) and Bundy Beach (Bondi Beach, blue car), so today`s article will bring you specific information about Sydney sightseeing bus.


Photo 1: Sydney Urban sightseeing bus (Red)


Figure 2: Bandy Beach Sightseeing Bus (Blue)

First, frequency and time 

Red Sydney Sightseeing Bus:

Time of operation:8:30 a.m.-7:20 p.m. (last time from the ring wharf:5:20 p.m.)


Blue Bondi Sightseeing Bus: Every 30 minutes,90 minutes,10 stops, starting point: Central Railway Station at Central Station.

Time of operation:9:30 a.m.-6:15 p.m. (last time from the ring wharf:4:15 p.m.)


2. Ticket-buying information 

City of Sydney and Bondi Beach Pass (as shown), and cannot be purchased separately

Ticket-buying mode

  • Official website online purchase:
  • Offline ticket: On the sightseeing bus stop, you can buy the ticket for the driver, and the price is the highest.
  • Ticket for this site: The price is the lowest, please click the link below


fare: (by the end of 2019, on-site purchase price, including two lines)

  • 24 hours/48 hours:
  • Adult: $59/ $79
  • Children`s ticket: (5-16 years old): $40/ $50
  • Family cover (2 adults 2 children): $156/ $208
  • Under the age of five: free

Note: Children`s and old-age tickets need to be purchased with relevant documents (available certificates, such as passports), which can be displayed in the month of birth,


Exchange ticket

You can show your driver your e-ticket to exchange your ticket when you get on the bus. You can also go to the starting station to exchange your ticket if you have enough time. There are two addresses:

At the corner of the ring wharf Pitt Street (red circle)


Central Rail Station (blue circle)

Ticket validity:24/48 hours, the first time you get on the bus to give electronic tickets to the driver, the driver gives you the card to start the calculation.

Car service: free distribution of headphones, there are Chinese scenic spots on the car, chair next to the headphone Jack (see photo)


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