Australian women scholars in Iran hunger strike,' difficult friends 'to join the support.

[Current News]     30 Dec 2019
Another dual-national scholar, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was jailed in Iran last night after her Australian-British dual-national scholar and Melbourne University lecturer Kylie Moore-Gilbert's hunger strike on protest.
Australian women scholars in Iran hunger strike,' difficult friends 'to join the support.

Mohr Gilbert, a female lecturer at Melbourne University who was sentenced in Iran

The Australian and British dual-nationality scholar who was sentenced by Iran, Kylie Moore Gilbert, a professor at the University of Molben, died last week after a second dual-nationality scholar, Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, who was detained in prison last night that he would join the diet.

Zaghari Rakry, a dual British and Iraqi national, was jailed for was acciused espionage when she returned to Iran in 2016 to visit her relatives.

Moore Gilbert, who is a lecturer in Islam at the University of Melbourne, was also sentenced in October to 10 years in prison for espionage by was acciused and failed to appeal earlier this month. Prime Minister Morrison (Scott Morrison) said on Tuesday that he would try to get her released. French government also called for the release of two dual French and Iraqi scholars detained by Iran on charges of espionage last week, but Tehran regime has repeatedly told Western countries not to interfere in its judicial sovereignty.

Moore Gilbert began a hunger strike on protest over the weekend, with a minimum requirement to move her from incommunicado detention to a cell with other prisoners.

Wang Xiyue, a Chinese-American scholar, was released earlier this month after three years in Iranian custody for espionage, largely because of a U.S. deal with Iran to swap prisoners with Masood Suleimani, a fine Iranian dumping expert arrested at Chicago airport in the United States in 2018.

Iranian officials say it does not rule out more prisoner exchanges with the United States, but has not offered to release other foreign scholars sentenced in Iran.

Three months after the Perth couple, Julie King and Mark Firkin, who were previously travelling around the world, were detained on suspicion of spying, they were revoked access and allowed to return home in October.

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