Virginia driver's license overhaul, no PR Chinese to see

[Life Information]     25 Dec 2019
Temporary visa holders will be required to renew their driving licence due to major changes in the Australian system. The new driving law, which has recently entered into force, requires all non-permanent visa holders in the state to obtain a driver's license within six months of their arrival in the state, or they will not be able to continue driving.

As a result of the major changes in the Australian system, temporary visa holders will have to renew their driving licences. The new driving law, which came into effect recently, requires all non-permanent visa holders to get a driver`s license in the state for six months after arriving in the state, otherwise they will not be able to drive again.

Residents with temporary visas and no driver`s license are required to get a driver`s license by April 29,2020.

Prior to the new rules, law required holders of permanent visas to obtain a driver`s license within six months of their residence.

The change is understood to affect not only non-Australian residents but also their employers.

Driving without a licence, or allowing others to drive without a license, is attributable to a serious criminal act. The policy is clear: "change your license within six months, or you`ll be driving without a license," government said.

In Virginia, if you turn 26, you don`t actually have to carry a driver`s license, but if you`re stopped by the police, the driver does need to provide some form of certificate of identification, if you fail to do so, you`ll be fined $155.

It is understood that the state government has introduced new measures to improve road safety.

Despite the introduction of new laws to crack down on international migrants with temporary visas, 43 countries, including Britain, the United States, Germany, France and Switzerland, remain unfettered.

New state announced the use of e-licenses in october, with 14000 e-licenses in use during the policy`s trial run. The policy involves all citizens in the new state and can be shown on the cardholder`s smartphone with password protection.

(NSW Minister for Customer Service) Dominique (Victor Dominello), director of the New State Consumer Service, said smartphones have been used as wallets, so it makes sense to implement a digital driver`s license.

At present, there are three ways to change Australian driver`s license for Chinese:

hold a Chinese driver`s license

Holding a Chinese driver`s license and driving for more than one year, you can directly apply for a test in the Victoria Road Bureau. After passing the written test and road test, you can convert the Chinese driver`s license to an Australian driver`s license.


Apply for the Australian driver`s license test from scratch, start with the L card, pass more than a year of driving time, then get the red P, and then convert it to green P over a period of time, and it may take years to get the full Licence,.

Australia, Australia, Victoria driver`s license Reform, Chinese without PR have to look at it.

No.3, Hong Kong Driving Licence Switches to Australian Driving Licence

According to Law, Hong Kong driver`s license can be converted to Australian driver`s license without road test.

In order to be able to convert into an australian driver`s license, there are many people who have tried to use a different way, such as a chinese chinese with a fake chinese driver`s license.

But now, if you have to use an Australian driver`s license, the fake driver`s license will soon be unavailable, and the fake driver`s license will not be able to pass the first step of verification when applying for a test at the Road Bureau.

Once found to have forged a driver`s license, a light fine of 1300 Australian dollars will be fined and repatriated for integrity problems.

And it is becoming more and more difficult for Hong Kong driver`s license to change Australian driver`s license directly because a large number of Chinese convert their Chinese driver`s license to Hong Kong driver`s license and then try to get the full licence. directly in this way.

However, now this method can not be done!

To reduce this, the Victoria Road Authority recently issued new regulations:

Extend the convertible holding period of the Hong Kong driver`s license, the original one-year Hong Kong driver`s license can be converted full licence, is now extended to three years.

To legally own an Australian driver`s license, you have to use a valid Chinese driver`s license to take an examination or a test to obtain an Australian driver`s license or a Hong Kong driver`s license over 3 years.

After the introduction of this policy, the road bureau was packed with people who made appointments for the exam, and many people said that waiting in line to verify their driver`s license had been scheduled for February next year. Not to mention the computer test and the road test in the back.

To simplify the process, the state road board decided that open driver`s license validation and machine - test booking would help test takers to a certain extent.

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