Order issued by the New State High Court to freeze 3.25 million Wang Liqiang assets

[Current News]     01 Feb 2020
Mr. wang, who claims to be a "chinese spy ", has been revealed by china as a fraudster calling himself a chinese spy. Mr. wang, who seeks asylum in australia, has been ordered by the new state high court to freeze 3.25 million yuan of assets because a former business partner, a chinese-sydney businessman, has seized huge sums of money from him. The new state high court issued an urgent order on Ja...

Wang Liqiang claimed to be a "Chinese spy" but was revealed as a fraudster in China

Wang liqiang, who calls himself a chinese spy and seeks asylum in australia, has been ordered by the new state high court to freeze $3.25 million in assets after a former business partner, a chinese-sydney businessman, chased him for the huge sum he had defrauded.

The new state high court issued an urgent order on January 24 to temporarily freeze Wang Liqiang and his wife`s 3.25 million yuan property.

This order was extended today (Friday), pending further instructions from the Court.

Geoffrey Watson, who represents Mr and Mrs Wang on Friday, told Court that the couple had no objection to continuing with the court order because they were being placed in a "safe place" by a federal agency.

"Not only do I not know where they are, I do not allow them to know where they are," Watson said. He added that he had a way of communicating with Wang`s wife.

The court ordered Mr Wang and his wife to provide details of their Australian property, including the value and location of the assets.

Watson today provided court with a list of the couple`s properties. He said Mr. and Mrs. Wang didn`t have a "huge fortune" and only had "less than 2,000 yuan" in their bank accounts.

Mr. Wang bragged to The Sydney Morning Post and The Times in November, as well as to ABC`s 60-minute program, that he was a Chinese intelligence agent involved in intelligence operations against Hong Kong and TW. He is now applying for refugee status in Australia.

China`s government denies his alleged agent status, while shanghai police have revealed he is a fraudster and fugitive. He later released a video of his trial at the Guangze County People`s Court in Nanping City, Fujian Province. In the video, Mr. Wang pleaded guilty to the fraud of Rmb120,000 and said he wasn`t aware of it.

The australian newspaper revealed that senior australian security officials told federal government that mr wang could not be what he claimed in some media interviews to be a senior agent, at best a "small role" on the edge of the spy community.

In documents submitted to the new state court, Sydney Chinese businessman Xin Shu, whose English name is Philip, claimed that he met with Wang Liqiang in September 2018 and that he was involved in a "profitable business. Deliver luxury cars from Germany to China for sale.

Mr Wang persuaded him to invest millions in the business and told him that a property owned by his couple in Shanghai "would be a guarantee of my payment ".

When the three of them went to see the real estate in Shanghai, they were kept out of the door by the janitor, Mr. Shusing said.

He said the Shanghai Public Security Bureau informed him in 2019 that the couple had "never been the owners of the property in Shanghai," showing that their certificate of ownership of the property was fake.

The couple "failed, ignored and refused" to pay him $3 million on December 31.

He said he had been informed by the Chinese police that he would "defraud me" in China.

The new state court will hear the case again on february 10th.

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